Uncovered Truth

Azariah walked towards Becky, he gently lifted her chin in his arms. Her small chin fitted partially in his arm and although it was kind of embarrassing, he didn't do anything about it and cocking it positively in his arms, he lifted it to meet his emerald eyes. 

He had acknowledged the fact that this lady has suddenly squeezed a big part of her life in his own, and it was strange yet uncomfortable. He thought that his mind would explode now that she has suddenly materialized herself from somewhere. At first, it is not always as easy as she had planned it, but then, he has a long way to go, and he is going to see that happen with this lady by his side. 

To Azariah, part of his troubled mind thought that it was Becky whom he had been waiting for all this while, but then, why did he have to marry over four times since his wife died before he has to stumble on this lady. Well, it is the lady that had met him, that is even something that strikes the hell out of him.&
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