Becky's tone was so harsh, and thus she noticed it too. The way she felt embarrassed was because she had never thought about it before speaking, but then, does it matter the purpose of her being here? the only good thing is that she is going to keep his children good and going for quite some time, probably for a week or whatever that might be. 

"I am sorry..." Becky started apologizing, but her voice trailed off when the man cut in so roughly. 

"It is okay, I understand," Azariah spat out in anger. 

Becky silently slapped herself, she felt like she would just pass out from this humiliation, it is something that she has not experienced before, and the more she kept glaring at him, she was shocked with the expression on his face. There is no doubt that her manner of approach had pained her, the issue is that she can't possibly handle all these things just like that, the stress is quite enough to pull her down, and every moment she takes just keeps pulling
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