Chapter 01


“ Mira! This way. ” The smooth voice calls out to me and I crane my neck to look up at the brown wolf standing in front of me.

A smile make its way up my lips after seeing him. Soon enough, we both are running happily in the thick forest - quick and steady on our paws.

I love this. I love running through the trees. This gives me a sense of freedom. I love the way cold breeze glides over my skin pushing all my hair back. It feels like I am flying without any care in the world.

It's thrilling.

But what I love most about this moment is that my elder Brother Matthew is right beside me, running wildly.

I want to catch upto him. I want to cross him so I can win from him for once in my life.

“ Matthew Slow Down! I think I am going to fall. ” My wolf grins and mindlinks him to slow down in a tired voice.

“ I won't fall for that trick. ” He replies as he runs faster - faster than I have ever seen any other wolf running.

Pride swells up in my chest.

He is my brother. One day, he will become the most Powerful Alpha of Crescent Moon Pack. Everyone already respects him, loves him, bows down to him.

He is like that. He is born to be loved. He deserves that love well.

I can see the pack house now. A huge white house with white marble stairs. It's magnificent.

I can see many pack members cheering for Matthew and Me, standing outside the house. They all want to see who wins today, even if they know that Matthew always wins. And I too know, I am going to lose to him again.

“ Run faster Mira. ” He urges me as he runs even faster. He was encouraging me. He wants me to win from him, but fair and square.

Instead of feeling dejected that I am going to lose, I try harder. I run as fast as I can and then suddenly...

I fall.

“ Matthew! ” I call out to him as darkness slowly starts to engulf me.

But as I fall into darkness, I know he is by my side. He is reaching out to me, to save me - protect me.

But everything is just too dark. I can't see anymore. I can't see him or my home or the finish line just beside the packhouse.

Everything is gone.

Slowly, I blink my eyes open and my eyes meet the ceiling of my small apartment room.

The alarm on my bedside table is blaring, creating an annoying but soothing noise. Sometimes, these noises help me connect back to reality.

I was dreaming once again.

Pushing myself in a sitting position, I push the blankets away and grab my cellphone from the side table.

It's five in the morning. I drop the phone and sit on the bed with my legs dangling down from it, after stopping the alarm.

I am lost in my thoughts again. Thoughts were dangerous sometimes. Thoughts could pull you in and then suffocate you to the end.

Then I hear some other noises, which forces me to focus back on shitty reality.

The sound of Moans and groans were coming from the room beside mine.

Scrunching up my nose, I fall back on the bed and grab a pillow to place it over my ear.

Do they have to do it so early in the morning?

When do they even sleep.

I wonder as I close my eyes, trying to tune out the not-so-pleasant screeches that were coming out of Bella's mouth as Liam and she did it for the nth time in the same night.

Oh Great Moon Goddess!

Sometimes, I think these humans have more stamina than werewolves.

And most of the times, I hate that I am a werewolf, because I am able to hear all noises and sounds from across all thick walls.

I swear I can even hear the lady downstairs mumbling curses under her breath. Those are some serious bad words.

This is sickening.

Maybe that's why it's such a pain to not live in the forest when you are a werewolf.

Finally, I give up.

I get back up and sprint to the wardrobe to grab a hoodie. I pull it over my head to hide the gray sweatshirt I am wearing and put on some joggers to go on the run.

Even If I never feel cold, I have to act like humans or they will suspect me or think of me as batshit crazy.

Just imagine someone roaming around in just thin sweats in the middle of Winter.

This might freak them out, so I have to act normal under all circumstances.

Getting ready, I grab my earphones along with my cellphone and storm out the building to get away from all those noises.

A breath of relief escapes from my lips as I notice less people on the streets.

This became a routine. I always have to go to jogs early in the morning, late at nights, even in the middle of the day to avoid humans.

Don't get me wrong. I like humans. Perhaps, I like them more than werewolves, but they will just never understand my problems as a werewolf.

Running on streets, I plug in the earphones and start listening to music on loud volume.

This is the best way to tune out all noises.

Reaching the park, I slow down and my running becomes walking eventually.

On days like these...No. Every day, I miss my wolf, Gia. I miss her so much that it hurts to think about her.

When she was with me, I could always talk to her and tune out all the other voices easily.

...But now, she is gone.

She died when I was sixteen. She died of misery and agony. A horrible death.

I was left alone. A werewolf is nothing without their wolf.

After her death, I am just a human with some special abilities like enhanced hearing and vision. Also, agility and strength.

This is more of a curse than a blessing. I lost the ability to heal faster with the death of my wolf and I lost my ability to block unwanted noises and also lost the mindlink I had with my former pack members.

And no. My pack members didn't throw me out, because I lost my wolf and I was useless now. They threw me out because I deserved it well. I was useless even with the wolf.

My weakness?

The inability to get rid of unnecessary emotions. As a werewolf, I faced enemies and I always failed to take them down. I failed to hurt others, kill others...Even if they were rogues, vampires or hunters.

I was weak like humans and I became human eventually.

Thinking about all of this, I walk back home and open the apartment door with the key.

I can not hear anything right now, because I am still listening to songs, but the moment I step inside, I regret it.

Rolling my eyes, I pull the headphones down from my ears and fix Liam and Bella with my best glare.

“ Please not on the couch. We talked about it already. ” I groan out, seeing them literally eating each other's faces, while laying on the couch.

“ Oh hey Mira! ” Liam chimes, pulling away from Bella who shoots me a cheeky smile.

Bella is my house mate. She is twenty while I am turning eighteen tomorrow.

And Liam is practically a house mate too because even if he lives next-door, he is always found in our house. He is Bella's boyfriend. He is the same age as Bella.

You can both call them my friends. Only human friends. Actually, the only two friends in my life...Both in werewolf and human world.

“ Do you ever go home Liam? ” I ask stopping the song which was playing on my phone.

“ I am home. ” He points towards Bella who coos at him and pulls him in to continue what they were doing, before I rudely and unwantedly interrupted them.

“ Not on the couch. I swear if you do it on the couch, you both will die a terrible death. ” Hissing out, I jog to my room and step inside, before closing the door.

“ Shall we take it to the room? ” Liam asks as I listen in to their conversation. Unintentionally, ofcourse.

“ Nah! She won't come out of her room now. She will never know. ” Bella replies carelessly and silence falls over for a moment.

And then I hear their not-so-pleasant sounds once again.

Ofcourse, no one takes me seriously. Perks of being useless and Powerless even as a human.

Sighing softly to myself, I go to the bathroom to take a shower. As I strip myself off my clothes and stand in front of the mirror, my eyes move to the mark on the spot where my neck meets my shoulder.

A small red crescent moon - A mate mark.

It's glowing again. It's been glowing for the past few days and I don't know what it means.

It not only glows but it burns too like a hot iron rod is pressed on that spot and no one is pulling it away.

It's painful.

When I was born, this mark was already on my neck. According to my brother, everyone in my pack was in a dilemma.

What was I? A curse? A blessing? An Abomination?

What do they call a werewolf who is born with a mate mark?

Mates usually mark each other after they find each other. But even before ever knowing who my damned mate is...

I was already marked.

In human language, I was born married without even an option of divorce.

Now, I have to find my other half and then we both are going to do Moon Goddess knows what.

So back to the topic...Everyone steered clear of my path when I was born definitely because this unusual mark scared them but my father didn't push me away.

My mother died right after giving birth to me and my father was grieving. He was going mad after my mother's death because she was his Luna and mate, but he never pushed me away.

Instead, he named me Miracle.

When everyone debated what I was...A blessing or a curse, he shut everyone by saying I was a Miracle.

With time, I have began to realize how wrong my father was.

I was neither a blessing nor a miracle.

I was a curse. An oracle who came to our pack once had said so.

She had screamed just as she saw me and she had called me the result of a punishment. She had yelled at me and lunged at me, as some sort of ancestral spirits supposedly took over her body. I was only sixteen at that time, but I can never forget what she said...

' You killed love. You killed trust. Now, you are cursed to never have it. You are damned. You are cursed. The mark on your neck is a curse. ' She had said this to me in front of everyone.

I didn't believe her at first but my pack members did. My father did.

Taking notice of the hate that was suddenly directed at me after the oracle made the revelation, I ran away and proved that night...

I was really a curse.

A curse who took away everything. A Luna from an Alpha. A future Alpha from their pack.

Hopes. Happiness. Faith.

I took it all away and everything was taken away from me in return.

I think I was being punished surely and now I wanted to know why.

Why was I being punished and what for?

Only one person in this world can answer all these questions...

And that person is my other half - my mate.

I am turning eighteen tomorrow and I hope to find him soon.

Every question I have in my mind is going to be answered then.

My mate will answer me.

I spend every single day of my cursed life with this hope burning in my heart.


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