15 - Tongue Tied

Time passed by quickly.

It had been three weeks since Sidhiel married Kalyx. So far, there had not been any problem between them, aside from Kalyx working overtime almost every day for the preparation of the engineering firm he'd been building in the country.

They almost had not been seeing each other because the man goes to work early and gets back home very late. Just one more week and Kalyx's company will be operational.

It's okay with Sidhiel too because he's also busy with the upcoming exhibit. His days were spent in Jade's studio to paint. Once in a while, he and Mr. Niall Steiner coordinate. He's also nearly finished with his last painting.

Right now, he's cooking dinner. It was six in the evening and he was not in a hurry because he knows that his husband won't be home until later and that he will just eat alone.

The radio was blasting loudly. He was singing along, ironically, to Faber Drive's Tongue Tied while waiting for the pan to heat u

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