Love Disorder

Love Disorder

By:  Yuriko Hime  Ongoing
Language: English
6 ratings
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Orphaned by her mother's death, Riri Chance had no home to go to. That was until Uno, a celebrity previously handled by her mother, agreed to take her in. More than the enigma, the beauty, and the riches, there was something strange about Uno. Something that made Riri question her sexuality, her emotions, and more importantly, her sanity.

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Pascal Mops
interesting, I can't wait for the next chapter
2021-10-28 12:14:54
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More please!! God, this is so brilliantly written.
2020-10-16 19:10:26
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Suranjana Dutta
Unusual one
2020-09-13 03:36:50
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Mary Ann Lim
pls update pls
2021-11-22 18:12:53
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Itssaa Keke
This book was to good......but Plss write more
2021-09-29 21:26:50
user avatar
Alex and Star gacha
will there not be anymore chapters? Please tell me there will be more ?
2021-08-10 15:38:39
20 Chapters
Chapter 1. Introduction
 To my inner Uno and Blaze who never left me alone.   
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Chapter 2. Arrangement
 Chapter 2. ArrangementIt has begun to rain. The water cascaded against the glass window like waterfalls. While nature moved outside and people were being drenched, I was frozen solid in front of Uno, wondering if I heard her right. Though we were ensconced in the restaurant, and the rain was nothing but a backdrop, I could still smell it coming from her. 
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Chapter 3. New Home
 Chapter 3. New HomeUno and Mr. Meyer agreed to meet at a later date to settle the paper works. I could barely listen to their conversation. My thoughts were elsewhere, particularly to my mom. I always knew I was adopted. Though I've forgotten my life in the adoption home, I've accepted that my biological parents didn't want me. That was why I was grateful to mom for giving me a good life.
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Chapter 4. Denials
 Chapter 4. DenialsIt was just like a movie. Uno, the dashing heroine from the story, was bravely holding on to the chandelier when its cords snapped. I could do nothing but watch as her laughter turned to screaming. Like all movies, however, the protagonist couldn't die. The fans would get mad. The audience would get sad. Such was the faith of Uno as she fell on the oversized cream sofa instead of the floor. 
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Chapter 5. Blaze
 Chapter 5. BlazeLike the past few weeks, sleep was a luxury I couldn't afford. I've slept for maybe three hours, and that was it. Things kept piling. Mom's death, moving houses, living under a celebrity's roof, Uno's weirdness, and lately, the hidden door in her bedroom. It was enough to make me sit on my bed in the wee hours of the morning, a nagging headache on my temple.
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Chapter 6. Assumptions
 Chapter 6. AssumptionsAt one point in their lives, people have kept secrets. I remember when Carter attempted his first lock picking. He'd done it countless times on dummy locks, but it was his first real attempt to break into someone's secret compartment, which turned out to be his sister's drawer in the closet. I wasn't there to witness it. He told me later that the closet was half-filled with homemade porn stash. He regretted knowing
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Chapter 7. Chance
Chapter 7. ChanceTo what extent did religious practices require a person to seclude herself from the rest of the world? As far as I could tell, Uno hasn't resurfaced in the land of the living for weeks. Her lockdown was still in effect. I was worried, and I wasn't the type to worry. She did eat. The tray that I continuously placed in front of her room was clean whenever I returned to retrieve it. Yet I was still worried.
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Chapter 8. Pretense
 Chapter 8. PretenseIt wasn't everyday that I got to save someone famous. It wasn't everyday that she asked me out for dinner. Uno didn't really count, did she? I've sort of known her all my life because of mom. As Carter said, it was like having an honorary sister. Bianca in the meantime was a stranger to me. It was surreal to have her by my side.
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Chapter 9. Crack
 Chapter 9. CrackUno would look at me from time to time while we were eating breakfast. I ignored her for the most part, remembering how she teased me about eating like a horse on our very first meeting after mom's funeral. There were many things I wished to ask her. If I were to play my game, I could say that so far, she'd make the habit of either deflecting my questions, or resorting to irrationa
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Chapter 10. Seeing Double
 Chapter 10. Seeing DoubleUno was eerily silent on our way home. With pursed lips and a faraway gaze, I had to leave her alone. When I pressed her parents for more information about her "sickness," all they said was something was different with Uno. Maybe they feared that it was caused by being on the spotlight all the time. 
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