17 - Blurting It All Out

Sidhiel was already asleep but Kalyx was still awake.

The room was full of shadows but enough moonlight found its way through the window so he could see Sidhiel's face in the darkness.

Besides, Sidhiel already changed his position in his sleep. He was now facing him.

"Nothing could be better than this," Kalyx murmured sleepily. He brought his hand up and ran his knuckles along his husband's cheek.

Sidhiel looked so beautiful. He looked so peaceful and contented lying there in Kalyx's arms.

Sidhiel cares.

With that thought, he went to sleep.


Sidhiel stared at the masterpiece that he just finished painting. Finally, he was done with the last painting that he will need for the exhibit.

He was so happy when he woke up that morning. Kalyx was not in their flat anymore but he left a note, saying that he just has to finish something important and that t

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