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"What sort of bunny do you want for your woman?" she asked, focused on her laptop when his hot voice lingered in her ears, forcing her to raise her eyes, "Maybe I should forget about her... after all, the lady sitting in front of me right now is more valuable."She is the kind of lady no man could resist but she holds some grudges from her past... the past no one knows about.What if she is still in love with her ex, the son of the enemy from her father's time?The man who is deeply in love with her and is ready to forgive her for the mistakes she made when she was in college.The enmity which was to be carried from generations to generations will now be converted into a love... matrimony.

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Jennifer White
2023-10-02 17:25:43
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nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in touch with you ? I have sth to discuss about the book
2022-03-29 17:06:01
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Rabia Sajal Niazi
Wow too good
2021-03-14 18:52:45
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Love it so far💖
2021-02-02 07:24:38
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Deb Mcwhinnie
awesome reading so far
2020-07-27 15:39:11
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Ebony Rose
this is exactly the kind of story that got me inspired to start to write my own 6 years ago - love the plot it keeps you gripped and i hope you keep writing
2020-07-22 18:01:03
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Hope you can upload more chapters. Love the plot ;)
2020-06-29 17:06:08
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I love the story!
2020-06-29 17:05:22
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It's great to read your new story!
2020-06-15 19:45:11
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Sonya Scott
Great book!! Love rhe dominant woman!!
2021-01-08 22:33:58
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Tyra R.
This is intriguing ❤❤❤❤
2020-07-01 23:57:30
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Oni Kehinde Omotola
Nice job!
2020-06-12 04:23:54
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Jewellery Diamonds
Sometimes its better to keep your imagination to yourself
2020-12-13 21:27:38
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Cherry Lyn Morano
hope i can read more
2023-01-30 21:26:11
54 Chapters
01. Bunny Boiler.
Ignoring the moans coming from inside the room, she turned the doorknob and barged inside."Fuck, does nobody respects privacy in this goddamned building?" the forty-something woman lying under a handsome man groaned in anger."Pet, it's time to leave, grab your shit. She's here," the girl ignored her annoyance and referred to the handsome hunk above the woman."What?" the man exclaimed, his eyes popping wide as he hopped off her."What is going on?" the woman propped herself to a sitting position with her elbow."Nothing, go to sleep..." said the girl and the man immediately replied, "Sierra, I'm scared. How's her mood?" "Just bow your head down and do not speak," Sierra, the manager replied.Both of them walked to the large conference hall where the huge air conditioners with dozens of lights were in the ceiling, many seats placed in the hall... a stage with purple curtains and floor was beautifully decorated.It was fo
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02. Business Before Pleasure.
"If you just obey me, I won't hurt you but you gotta disobey me. What were the rules, Tory?" she yells at the new girl who seems to be terrified by her. "What were the fucking rules? Damn it! Answer me," she thunders at her furiously. "Not... not to talk to any other man. I'm sorry, Cliterella. I won't do it again. I'll listen next time," she replied submissively. She looks at her for a moment, then caught her chin roughly. The bunny whimper in pain and start weeping silently. "Little one you'll listen next time. I'll make sure of it," she whispers in a threatening voice. "Ma'am, the makeup artists are here..." the voice of Sierra interrupted her when she let go of the girl and exhaled deeply while she smiled. "Sierra, I want a bondage show tonight. Prepare it please," she ordered the girl and without wasting any further time, she walked out of the room.
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03. Surprise, Surprise.
"X-Xavier..." Guiseppe spoke in bewilderment."How do you like the surprise?" Xavier asked, a grin covering his face."But h-how..." he was stammered in his words when Xavier spoke, "It wasn't her who shot me that night, you know it better, man. It was you," Just then a crowd of people entered, wearing all black all of them holding pistols in their hands as they covered the whole restaurant.The nearby people ran away, it was the chaotic situation there."Blair!" Giovanni interrupted the current situation as Blair turned around to see, her team members were there."Giovanni..." she spoke unaware.Her men had covered the whole restaurant... she had no fear now."Come on, let's go..." Pablo, Sierra and Giovanni rushed towards her and the three of them made a circle around her.The man of Guiseppe shot fire in the air when Giovanni said, "Let's go, Blair...""Not so fast..." the female voice interrupted them.
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Author's note.
Hi guys, before I go on with this story, some of you might think that Blair is rude and dominant much towards her pets and bunnies and she takes her frustration out. Let me clear it that this is totally fiction... none of this is real and this is only my imagination... Also, this is an erotic book so most of the scenes here will be kinky. Time by time Blair will be soft and gentle but in the starting which is now, she might be shown feisty. Please comment and rate the book. Your reviews means a lot to me. Thanks
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04. He want it, He got it.
Giovanni let out a smirk as he pointed the gun at her."Don't even try..." Fia immediately took the gun out from her pocket and pointed at him.There were more than thirty people pointing guns at Fia while she was the only one."Runaway before Guiseppe knows..." Fia tried to threaten the handsome hunk in front of her but he didn't move an inch instead he let out a low chuckle and spoke, "It would be so much fun if he's here. Go on, call him," he reached out his hand to keep the gun in his pocket again.Fia shouted and gathered all the men of Guiseppe and now they were opposite to Giovanni and gang.The team of two enemies were now opposite to each other, pointing guns on each other.Fia could see the burning spark in Giovanni's eyes... he's here to steal the shipment and there's no way in hell he would go back without taking it.Its do or die now."I assume it's not easy to steal it with you, all interrupting us," Giovanni spok
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05. Double Trouble.
Giovanni was a tall man and she was nothing compared to him. She was nothing but a tiny little girl in front of him. When Fia understood that it was the chance to ran out and without wasting any minute she jumped out of the bed and ran towards the door. As soon as she held the doorknob and twisted it, the door wasn't opening. Giovanni turned around and saw her struggling with the door, he declined the line and walked to her without saying a word and now was right behind her. "Why is the door not opening?" she whispered to herself trying with her full force to open the door. "Just because of its lock from outside,'' the low whisper of Giovanni made her startled and she left the doorknob. Fia had just lost her b balance when he quickly caught her, their eyes colliding. He was lost in her hazel eyes while his ocean blue eyes were too deep th
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06. Tough Time.
"What did you do?" Giovanni asked unbiased.  "We saved your ass..." Diego said in the same tone. "Like how? What did Guiseppe get to know? And if he did found out that I kidnapped his girl then what? I'm not scared of him," Giovanni spoke unaware. "I am..." the voice from behind made him turn around and saw Fia was standing with a straight face. "You don't have to. I can protect you here." "It's not that... he won't harm but you. He is not the typical enemy of yours. He is the son of Lord Ross Guiseppe," Fia spoke with such a concerned tone. "Darling if you're worried about us... then don't. We know how to handle Guiseppe's," Blair spoke, anger fuming in her tone. "Yes, it's been going on for generations. First our father and Lord Ross, now us and Guiseppe," Giovanni spoke impassively. "Wait, you are telling me t
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07. You Are Mine.
"Our shipment?" Blair walked towards her brother and asked."Yes..." he gave a nod as he lighted the cigarette."Who did this, brother? This is not good. If it's Guiseppe, I will..." Blair was in such a rage and talking insane when Giovanni interrupted her by saying, "It's not Guiseppe, sister. I made sure of it.""This is not a coincidence. I am telling you, brother," Blair said in a panic."Blair Fernsby! Since when do you start taking things seriously? It's nothing..." the stepbrother released the smoke of the cigarette from his mouth.She was gradually calm in a second.He was right after all... they had seen the times tougher than this. And her panic was useless."Pablo, take me to the shipment cargo," she said in a loud voice.Giovanni gave a sign to the rest of the men and they grabbed the extra ammo and went out.On the shore, the cargo ship stood under the starry night with the cool breeze blowing.While
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08. 616
"Mrs Wilson, I am so glad to see you here..." Cliterella was sitting in her seat in the office when the lady walked in, her appearance all changed.She looked sophisticated."Cliterella... I came here to thank you... because of you, I am..." she was interrupted by the Cliterella saying, "Oh, it's nothing." Mrs Wilson gave Blair her commission and thanked her."You know you can always play with my bunnies..." a wide smile on her face.Blair said goodbye to her client. After a few minutes when Sierra informed that Rodrigo and Diego stopped by, she asked for them."So, brothers..." she was working on her laptop waiting for the twin brothers to speak.But when none of them spoke she was forced to raise her head and see their confused faces."What was it?" she asked closing the laptop."Blair, I mean... boss...." Diego was quite... lost with words."Boss, you see the..." Rodrigo too was quiet.They didn
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09. Set It Up.
"What do you think?" standing in front of a large mirror, Cliterella gazed herself while Sierra and Fia stood in the corner."You look beautiful," both of the girls said together."But don't you think..." Blair was interrupted by Sierra who said, "No! do not change your mind. You look pretty and it fits you well. So, we are buying it,""Pay for it..." said the boss and Sierra walked to the counter while Fia stood with her."Do you want something for yourself?" Blair asked and Fia shook her head."Oh, come on. Let's get you a few dresses..." Blair turned around as she gave a glance to Fia."But... it's not necessary," she argued and Blair replied, "Oh, yes, it is. Now that you are with my brother... you have to groom yourself up," the boss said walking towards the clothing shelf with Fia following her."Oh, and how badly I want you to get rid of these military boots," Blair added rolling her eyes.After spending two hours in Lac
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