Chapter 4

*Cameron POV*

She runs from the cafeteria as if I have some incurable disease. My face still tingling where she had been so close to touching my cheek, only a thin napkin between us. I close my eyes, trying to calm my beating heart. For years I had watched her build walls around herself, erecting one after the other by ignoring the mean comments from guys angry about her lack of attention to them.

Each year she sank further and further from the spotlight and every year I yearned more and more for what she had, invisibility. But this year, when she slammed into me, it was like an emotional barrier falling away as I got lost in her snarky comments and deep green eyes. 

My life is grand if you like snotty people who like your family’s name and wealth more than you as a person. I’m surrounded by a world of shallow people who use fame and money like it’s the cure-all. And often it is. But money can’t fix a broken relationship. It can’t develop that bond between parents and their kids. I learned rather quickly what was more important to my family. Our image. I’m gifted all the newest, most expensive things, five thousand dollar watches? I have 6. Brand new sports cars limited editions? I have two. 

I never have to ask for anything because it shows up before I can even think of the need. But what I need now more than anything is the one girl’s attention who literally runs from me. And this is the only one I want to chase. It’s not your typical I want her because she doesn’t want me, it’s that I’m intrigued because not only does she not want me, but I have nothing to offer her that could entice her to want me. The man with everything and nothing to give. It’s infuriating.

I take a deep breath and turn back to her friend, who I’m supposed to show around the school. I offer her a kind smile.

“Cameron,” I say, offering my hand. She looks at me strangely and accepts it.

“Mia.” She looks me up and down. “Are you really supposed to show me around? That seems a little...”

“Below me?” I ask finishing her sentence.

“Yeah, kinda.” She affirms.

“It keeps me humble,” I say, winking at her and she scowls.

“Right, well I’m sure you need lots of humbling.”

“A little humility is good for everyone,” I say, stuffing a fry in my mouth. I see a shadow coming from behind me and I sigh heavily, closing my eyes and finding the fake smile to plaster on my face. Angela. She’s beautiful and completely dense. Both are the pinnacle of her blase personality. 

“Cammy Baby.” She says, placing her hand on my shoulder rubbing it along my back. “What are you doing with…” She motions towards Mia with the snap of her wrists as she judges her with her eyes. Based on the venom in her tone, I can tell she has rated Mia high among the pretty girls and finds her to be a threat.

“Mia. She is new and I’m her tour guide. No need to get catty.” I snark at her. Angela gapes at my snark. Huh. Must be learning something from Faith.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Attitude,” she says, getting close to my face. “I don’t think I deserved that remark.” she pats my cheek rather hard as she takes a seat in my lap and I sigh, annoyed. 

“Right well. Cameron, it was nice to meet you and super sweet of you to offer your tour guide services. But I’ll just text Faith if I get lost.” Mia stands up and collects her bag and tray. And with that, she is gone. Angela zeros in on me, her eyes narrowing.

“You ever call me catty again, I will tell Daddy and he will have some choice words with your father.” I roll my eyes at her. I push her off my lap and stand up, walking out of the cafeteria wanting nothing more than to disappear as everyone waves or says hello trying to get my attention.

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Dènielle van der Merwe
Absolutely love how Cameron can see that there is something more to life.

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