Blackmailed by the Bully

Blackmailed by the Bully

By:  Anrose Amillie  Completed
Language: English
123 ratings
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PART 2 - OWNED BY THE BULLY - IS OUT NOW! Alice only wanted to help her younger brother when she confronted his bully. She ends up agreeing to do whatever Adam wants in return for him leaving her brother alone. He goes one step further, befriending and protecting her brother, but only for as long as Alice agrees to follow his orders. Orders that become increasingly difficult for her to agree to.

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user avatar
so what did Jamie whisper in Joseph's ear? I like d way u write.
2023-04-17 06:20:29
default avatar
amazing book
2023-01-14 13:53:12
user avatar
Was a really good story! Great writing!!
2022-10-12 20:58:10
user avatar
Trisha Espinoza
great book so far cant wait to complete
2022-06-23 04:36:52
user avatar
Evelyn Fox
enjoyable reading
2021-11-18 02:06:41
user avatar
I really enjoy your writing style. I've been obsessing over your stories and I only found you five days ago. I've read five of the six stories you have on here. I'm about to start part two.
2021-09-28 06:32:02
user avatar
really enjoyed this book - cannot believe I wanted a nasty bully and a girl to end up together but this book made me want it ...
2021-08-12 00:57:24
default avatar
2021-08-06 23:29:34
user avatar
Rachel Quine
intense is really the only word I could think to discribe this book
2021-08-06 11:57:58
user avatar
Elisha Mangion
interesting. realistic.
2021-08-03 18:15:41
user avatar
Katy Grimes
can't wait for part 2
2021-08-01 17:17:30
user avatar
Anrose Amillie
Part two is out now =)
2021-07-22 17:28:57
user avatar
Really good story. The end seemed rushed and I have trouble with there being no accountability. Would love to see a sequel written.
2021-07-21 02:06:42
default avatar
Similar to one of the authors other stories but still good and different from most stories on this site.
2021-07-17 11:30:45
default avatar
OMG! My heart won’t stop thumping! That ending!!!!!!!
2021-07-13 07:20:21
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33 Chapters
Chapter 1
**Trigger Warning - This book contains theme's some people find disturbing. It is a dark story - it contains mention of rape and dub-con. If you don't like stories with dubious consent do not read - (It is called BLACKMAILED by the BULLY people... this is the title and THEME of the book) Much love and thanks for reading x**     Alice stood on the corner on Monroe Avenue, staring at the house four doors down. Outwardly, there was nothing terrifying about the property—a three-bed red brick terrace similar to others in the row, and not dissimilar to her own.   The butterflies flitting about her stomach were due to the inhabitants.
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Chapter 2
Alice sat in front of her full-length mirror staring through her reflection. She was so deep in thought she failed to notice the clock ticking away precious minutes. Now 9:36pm, she had less than half an hour to take and send the pictures. With a shaky hand, Alice reapplied her makeup. She told herself it wasn’t to impress him but to mask her identity under a thick coat of foundation, blush and lipstick. A final coat of plumping gloss and Alice smacked her lips together, checking out her handiwork in the mirror. She had to admit she looked good. ‘Too good for that prick,’ she sighed in
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Chapter 3
As she stood at the college gates with her mates, Ed and Joseph, Alice was desperately typing her name into every search engine and website she could think of. The chances that Adam hadn’t posted the pictures of her somewhere were slim. She realised that. But at least if she saw them before anyone else, she would have the opportunity to them taken down. “Ali?” Joseph poked. “Sorry, what did you say?” Alice asked, still looking at her phone. “That guy over there is checking you out,” Ed told her. 
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Chapter 4
Alice had thought a lot about what Adam would ask for next. The logical conclusion was he would ask for fully naked pictures. In her head, Alice had already decided that was what he’d ask for. All that was left to do was wait for the inevitable text message. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t taken nudes before, but she had always been careful to keep any defining features and her face obscured. Maybe Adam would let her do the same. If she asked nicely. Why did he need to see her face anyway? When the text arrived and read simply, “Come to my house after school tomorrow,” Alice had to stare at it for a moment as the message sunk in. 
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Chapter 5
“What!” Alice cried, looking at the recently finished art display in the main corridor. “That dirtbag didn’t use any of your pieces,” Joseph huffed. “He hates me,” Alice sighed. “He’s a major bitch,” Joseph sighed. “And that’s saying something coming from me.” Alek Jeffries, the TA in her Art class had taken an immediate dislike to Alice. He took every given opportunity to bring her down, insult her work or belittle her in fro
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Chapter 6
When Alice woke up, she felt a little better about her situation, weirdly, considering the position she was in. At least she now knew Adam was using the pictures for “personal use” and not for plastering over the internet like a bitch. While it was creepy to think about it, it was also a compliment. Her ex used to look at porn all the time and it made Alice feel like she wasn’t attractive enough. Now she was the porn. Even though she was being forced and putting herself completely at the mercy of another person, something about having him look at her that way felt almost empowering. She was almost excited about taking nude pictures. As weird as that was to admit. Looking over at her phone, Alic
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Chapter 7
Alice stared at the message from Adam for a full five minutes before sighing, “I’m going to need more than just one drink.” “Did you say something, Hun?” Joseph asked. He was dithering behind the bar, doing little cleaning jobs that never got done when the place was packed. When he wandered over, cleaning a glass with a yellow cloth, it made Alice feel like she was staring in a film. There literally hadn’t been a bartending scene in history, ever, where the bartender wasn’t polishing a glass with a dirty cloth. She considered asking for a dirty martini with two olives on a cocktail stick but ultimately went with something more familiar.
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Chapter 8
When Alice woke up her mouth felt as though she’d spent the prior evening eating mouthfuls of sand followed up with bleach chasers. As the haziness in her brain subsided the memories came flooding in, filling every corner of her mind and making her feel somewhat nauseous. ‘I sucked his dick,’ she thought. The strangest thing about it was how guilty she felt. It wasn’t as if she had a boyfriend anymore, and even if she did… he was a cheating scumbag. Adam was only a year or so younger so she was fine on that front too… the age gap might seem odd now but when he was 30 and she was 31 it wouldn’t be significant enough to even class as a gap. It was the inherent seediness
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Chapter 9
Ste was just tidying away the brushes from his art lesson when they appeared. His old gang plus his replacement. Every time he saw Jamie it felt like a kick straight to his stomach. He’d offered to help clean up the classroom in a desperate attempt to avoid Adam and the others. Normally, they wouldn’t have thought to look for him here, being a bunch of underachieving delinquents, but Jamie was different. He was smart. “Aren’t you the good little boy, offering to help the teacher,” Reece commented. He picked up a piece of artwork that was drying on the side, gave it a look of contention then dropped it like it was a piece of trash. After giving his input Reece turned away from the gr
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Chapter 10
Alice was sitting in an English lesson when she received the dreaded message. “At 11am you will call me for phone sex.” ‘Phone sex??!!’ Alice cried internally. ‘I can’t have phone sex! What even is phone sex?’ 11am was break time at Adam’s school. Alice knew this since she’d gone to the same place before deciding to give it up in favour of the local college. Her school offered the same choices, but something about going to college made her feel grown-up. Independent. 
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