Chapter 12

*Faith POV*

My phone illuminates the darkroom as I stare at the name displaying on the screen “Izzy”. My mind races with thoughts and reasons he is calling me at 1 on an early Wednesday morning. I roll my eyes. He probably somehow magically knows about yesterday’s events at school. I wouldn’t be surprised. He seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. 

I’ve cried on and off since yesterday and stayed home from school today so I could get some much needed rest. Everyone seems to gloss over the fact that I’m afraid of what I see when I get said rest. Mom and Mia are being pushy about talking to the therapist on a need basis and not my usual twice a week. Mom even suggested I try therapy with Dad. After seeing my face Mia shot it down, she and mom got into an argument. About what’s best for me. 

It should bother me that my best friend is vying for my mental health more than my mother, but I honestly feel numb to everyth

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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Totally understandable and 100% intentional lol!
goodnovel comment avatar
Rebecca Weaver
yep. how can she ask her daughter to talk to him and forgive him. I would be castrating him
goodnovel comment avatar
her mother is upsetting me

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