Raquel accepts the heart of Steven

Everyday, Steven is freaking out to report his job in the company. Unfortunately, the employer, his sweetheart did not go back to the office yet. Here, he is not having a bundle of nerves to stay in the office. After a few minutes, Quenny comes to the office; to submit her daily report.

Here, Quenny is staying in the office longer. What she wants her; to show her admiration to the guy. However, the guy did not give his attention on her. To that, she leaves to the office.

In the commercial building, she is going against the grain that the guy will go out later.

In the house, Raquel is casting her back to the presence of Steven. Actually, she wants to go back in the office. However, she would follow the statement that she had uttered to Steven; she will be back after one week.

As Steven is going home from the office. Here, he is down in the dumps to his life. What he wants to see the presence of Raquel. So, he is going to the outside; to see t

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