Chapter 1: His Identity

Flashback ends

The man finally woke up and realized it was already 5 in the morning. He rubbed his eyes and stretched his body because it was aching caused by his irregular sleeping position. He suddenly remembered his dream again. He wondered why he would even dream about it. All he remembered was the girl was about to say something to "Ciel" then it was cut off. He yawned then shooked the thoughts away as he had more things to be worrying about.

He stood up from the bed and closed the sliding window which he forgot to close last night. He was thinking of too much stuff that he forgot and ended up sleeping earlier than he actually expected. He went near the drawers and took a towel and bathrobe then went to the shower to take a bath. After finishing his bath, he brushed his teeth first before heading down to the kitchen to cook something for breakfast.

He made a simple bacon sandwich and grinded some fresh coffee beans to start his breakfast. Before he ate his breakfast, he went upstairs and changed into a white polo then took his necktie and coat as he was planning to just wear it later to make sure it doesn't get stained when he takes his breakfast. After that he went back downstairs where he left his food and sat near the counter and started to eat.

Not liking the silence at home, he took the remote control and opened the tv to watch the morning program. He was watching a morning show then suddenly it was interrupted by emergency news from the local station.

"SHOCKING! A man presumed to be around 20s was found dead today inside the library of a school. Police are now investigating the said place the CCTV caught a silhouette of a person entering the place of the incident just a few hours after the victim. But strangely enough the picture of the person was blurry and was never seen to leave the library after the said incident took place. The police are asking everyone to cooperate with them to solve the case faster and that if you know anything that might've happened or know the victim please call them in their hotline. That is all for today's morning news. A reminder to everyone to stay safe and if possible do not wander around late at night all alone or if you are going out alone at least let someone know or ask to be accompanied. The police will be deploying more patrol cars and setting up a booth to walk people to their homes if they are alone late at night. Be safe everybody." the news anchor said in the live broadcast which soon ended.

He silently looked at his food when he heard the morning news. "Another dead person, looks like the cases are rising a lot these days. It's either this whole thing is a coincidence or-" He was thinking to himself and his eyes were filled with seriousness then his train of thoughts were interrupted by an incoming call from his phone which was upstairs.

He placed his utensils down on the plate then drank some water before briskly walking back upstairs to take his phone that was left in the bedroom. He opened the door of his room and immediately saw his phone on the couch near the sliding door. He approached the coach and bent his knees a bit to take his phone then his eyes caught a white silhouette. He stayed in his position, processing what just happened. He grabbed his phone and eyed the window suspiciously.  He opened it and scanned the area around him but found nothing significant except for a white kite held by a kid. He sighs in relief and then finally answers the call from his phone.

He cleared his throat first then spoke to the other person in the line, "Yes? What is it? It's quite early in the morning to be calling me like this." He said seriously to the person then the person apologized to him then said the purpose of the call.

"Hey man sorry, it's me Luca. So, I was calling to ask whether you saw the news or not. I investigated the place and it turns out it's just around the area of the company and uhh well I think you need to come here first so that you can understand more why I called. It's about the victim and the suspect of the crime." Luca said to him seriously and his voice sounded as if he was hesitating to say something.

He sighs and massages his forehead lightly then speaks to Luca, "Bro, to answer your question Yes. I did see the news. But what I don't know is why you called me for something like this, especially because it's freaking early. And to answer your other question, my answer is No. I won't go there because I have many things to be doing and to be worrying about. Not that I'm disrespecting the deceased or anything but I don't think I have any connections there nor does it have anything to do with the company etc." He said it to Luca, his voice was flat as if he doesn't really care and as he said he doesn't think there are any connections to him so why waste time.

"Come on man, trust me you would want to see this. There is something peculiar of sorts to the video and to the deceased person. So, I'm pretty sure this is something that maybe you have an answer to. If you can't come by right now then you could come later in the afternoon or night." Luca said to him desperately as if this was something connected to him in a way.

He releases a deep sigh as if frustrated with Luca's persistence. "All right, I'll try to but don't keep your hopes up as I've said." He said to Luca frustratingly and a bit annoyed with him. "Good good, I'll be waiting for you okay? And by the way, before I drop this call make sure to be careful. We don't really know what's going on but the cases like this are rising these days. Be safe Leo" Luca said seriously to Leo because he's worried about his friend.

"Yeah, I will. Be careful too Luca" He said to him before dropping the call. He sighs for the nth time then goes back to the counter to finish his food. After finishing his meal, he took the plates to the sink then washed them.

He finally puts on his necktie and wraps it around his polo. He straightens out his clothes then wears the coat and takes his car and house keys. He sat down on the chair and put his shoes on then finally left the house and made sure that he locked everything then drove away to go to the company.

He sighs one last time at the thought of what happened earlier. Then he said to himself that this was gonna be a long day.

To be continued

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