The Other Side

"W-what's going on here?!"

Someone shouted. Geometrical patterns, just like a magic circle you'd see in anime, formed on the floor of the classroom.

Then, in the following instant, the space around them changed – turning into a large ground with a large circular plate with unknown symbols.

An unknown number of people out of nowhere appeared on top of the circle as the archimages finished the ritual.


The people, citizens, everyone was on their knees as they shouted in unison. The otherworldly heroes were their hope. For every generation, they were told the stories of heroes, of how they slew the monsters of the dark, of how they protected the empire, of how they sacrificed their lives for the people. Instilled on each citizen was a deep sense of respect and honour for the so-called heroes. And today was such a day where they would get to see a glimpse of their heroes.


One moment they were si

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