The 7 Princes of hell.

The 7 Princes of hell.

By:  Dymen  Ongoing
Language: English
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Due to the first holy war between the devils and angels, demons now roam the world. Seeing this, god bestowed humanity with blessings to fight back against the demons. Sarah, a young 16 year old who lost her family as a result of these evil creatures, swears to kill every demon. Accompanied with her friends she goes on adventures to carry out her goal.

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4 Chapters
Before humans were ever created, there lived a god. He sat alone in an empty weird devoid of any life apart from his. For decades, he stood alone until he decided to divide his life and create other creatures.He created beings of holiness, the possessed wings and a halo that hovered above their heads. Now with his angels, they lived together in a universe devoid of any life.It was then he decided to create a home for them and himself as well. It was known as the heavens, home of all angels.However, he still was not satisfied. 'More.' He thought.With that thought in mind, he created the sun and starts to illuminate the world. Planets with only one being capable of containing life, known as earth. He created the first man and woman and left them to populate the earth.Once man had spread throughout the planet, he looked upon his creations and felt a sense of happiness. However, watching the humans mingle together and falling in love made him long for the feeling as well.And as su
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Despair petrifies the soul
There was a pearly glow in the sky. The first rays of sunlight lit up the room. The dawn chorus of melodic birdsong drifted in. The rising sun cast a rosy hue across the morning sky. Suddenly, the alarm clock produced a beeping sound that disturbed the harmony of the morning. She squinted her face as the rays of morning light landed on her face.Sluggishly, she attempted to turn off the alarm but failed as her hands slipped, resulting in her falling off the bed. A thud sound was created as she hit the ground.Fortunately for her, it jolted her awake. She shot straight up from the ground. As she looked at her alarm clock, her eyes widened in shock."I am super late!" She panicked.She hurriedly ran to the washroom. Performing her morning activities as fast as she could. Brushing her teeth, combing her straight brown hair, and applying lotion. She skipped her morning bath due to her lateness.'Come on Sarah, faster!' She motivated herself.Once done, Sarah ran downstairs to give her fa
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Pray to the devil.
"You ask why we do this?" The girl that pushed Sarah down planned to explain. Sarah on the other hand had her sight only on the monstrosity that approached with fear evident in her eyes."Did you know that the devils grant wishes? If devils then why not demons? I met this thing here a few days ago, of course, I was as scared as you but it promised to grant my wishes if and only if I brought sacrifices." She explained.Although Sarah's attention was on the demon before her, she had been paying attention to what she said. It stood to reason that they were the sacrifices.She wanted to grab Mia and run, however, she was petrified in fear. Beads of sweat formed around her forehead with tears beginning to drip down.Reality had set in. What are the chances she would live? Even if she outran the creature that was stronger than her, the others obviously would not let her go.When young demons traumatized her. She wanted to scream out loud, cry, or do something but she would not even have the
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Demon hunters
His beautiful white hair...under the moonlight was the only thought in her head. The incident which occurred was mind wrecking, to say the least. A weak teenager like herself awakened a blessing. And most importantly, fought toe to toe with a demon.Although it might have been a low-level demon, she did well for a beginner. She was one step closer to her newfound goal, eliminating every single creature of hell.After the incident, Sarah wanted to question who the man was. They had coincidentally bumped into each other twice and on that same day, witnessed him kill a demon with hardly any effort at all.Curiosity ate her from inside, but her priorities then were to get her friend taken care of at a hospital. That was most important.Of course, as she left she completely ignored Jessica, the cause of all this. Jessica was still in shock at not only what occurred but the lives that were put an end to due to her stupidity.However, Sarah did not leave without giving the culprit a warning.
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