Chapter 10. Mysteries


I feel like returning back to earth again, my surroundings and senses coming back to me. Alexis whimpers, beat down by the sheer force of Alexei’s command and the loss of connection she endured with me.

“Adriana, what the fuck? What happened!?” Alexei screams in my face, keeping a tight grip on my hands. “What, I… I don’t really know. I was fine one minute and then I smelled something, I just lost it.” I stammer, not really knowing what to make of what just happened.

Alexei relaxes a bit, seems I look like myself again. “Okay, deep breaths. What happened? Begin at the beginning.” He says while pulling me up to my feet and guiding me back to the others. I tell him everything and he doesn’t really respond, just hums and nods at the right time. Like he is deep in thought.

When we are almost at the statue he grabs my arm, stopping me in my tracks. “What do you know about your parents?&

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