Chapter 15


"What the fuck is wrong with you Hardin?" Jared's yell echoed behind me up the stairs of our house. 

"Nothing!" Was all I replied as I hurriedly walked down the hallway towards the office.

"Don't you dare say nothing when you've been sulking the whole fucking week, you refuse to talk to me and continue to grunt and curse as if you are a dog in heat! Can you just fucking tell what the hell happened?" He yanked my arm, bringing me to an utter stop.

"Everything is wrong Jared. Every-fucking-thing is wrong. I know you are into Faith and I know fucking well you are going to be leaving me because of her. I know that..." my words were interrupted by his laugh.

"Are you fucking crazy? Where do you get that shit from? And who the fuck said I was leaving you for Faith?" He questioned staring right in my eyes. He was a bit shorter than me but he was intimidating when in this way.

"I see the signs Jared. I am not blind." I replied avoiding his eye c

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