Chapter 58


When we arrived home from Costa Rica, things were a bit hectic at the office since we left everything unattended. But I didn’t regret any of the moments we had in Costa Rica because it was fun. It was so serene, so calming, especially after the crazy events that had went down.

By the time we had to go back to work, I felt energized, light and rejuvenated enough to get back to work. Jay and I had tried to cut down Faith’s working hours but that little thing was as stubborn as a mule. She went on by not talking to us for full two days only because we insisted on her cutting her working hours. So in the end (which was very normal recently), we gave in and let her have her way with us. That's just how things were lately.

Aside from silence-treatment, she would cry! Whenever things didn’t work out the way she wanted, my baby cried so hard that it always broke my heart to see her like that. At other times however, she cried for very little things. Very littl


hey everyone i hope you enjoy this chapter. A blessed and productive week ahead. Love you all, RARE

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monika malhotra
Theres only one thing this book lacks and thats depiction of Faiths relationship one on one.. they were always a combined package.. both Hardin and Jared. i would have loved Faith in a intimate setting one on one too.. as their were too many of just jared and Hardin. A gud read though. Loved the boo
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Joan Vittorelli
............... a mood all her own
goodnovel comment avatar
I am happy to have delivered <3 and merry Christmas

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