Her Shock

Author Pov

"Cate where are we going," Lucifer questioned the girl who was busy packing his bags. She smiled at him before zipping up the bag.

"Come here my Prince." Grabbing his big hands in her small ones she made him sit on the bed before taking a seat beside him.

"We are going a little far from this house. But don't worry we soon will come back." He pouted making her chuckle. He slowly laid down on the bed placing his head on her laps.

She smiled caressing his hair hearing his next words. "When will we come back." He questioned.

"In few months. Don't worry I am coming with you. We will have so much fun there." She exclaimed making him smile a little.

Soon he dozed off on her laps making her smile lovingly at his cute sleeping face. Grabbing his head gently from her laps she placed it on the bed before carefully sliding the cushion under

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