One Week Stand

One Week Stand

By:  EessaArkisha  Updated just now
Language: English
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Maria Airaleen Alfonso never thought about falling in love. It never crossed her mind because she has her own priorities and that doesn't include falling in love with someone. But then there's Zandrey Joseph del Fuerto, who managed to get into her system. In a span of one week, a lot have happened. She could've stop it, but she didn't. What she thought she felt for him was something, so she held on to it. However, after that week of romance, Zandrey suddenly disappeared, leaving her clueless and broken. How can she move on now when he gave her so much to remember?

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30 Chapters
My mother was right when she said that not all things go according to plans. She said they have their own ways of complicating lives. But all things, the easy and the complicated, also have their own ways of serving their purposes, and it shall make everything make sense one day.I couldn’t quite remember everything about my mother, except for those words. I was still young, but for some reasons, it stayed in my mind. I waited for that day. I waited for when all the things that happened to me would make sense, because I wanted to know why those happened to me. But it just got me waiting for so long. Apparently, sometimes, it takes a while. "Ma’am Daisy’s waiting for you in your office, Miss Aira," Janine, my assistant said. I paid a glance at her and she was smiling so brightly at me that it made me smile too. It was nice having a friendly face here in the shop.I nodded at Janine and left my unfinished bouquet to her. Sunday has been the busiest day of the week. The orders are a
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Chapter 1
“Come on, Ai, please. This will be fun, I promise!” Daisy said, almost begging. She has been asking me to join their group date. She has two other friends from her class joining the said date. I don’t know why she’s asking me when she can ask someone else from her class. She knows I don’t do this kind of stuff. “I already said no,” I replied as I continued walking faster. I still have to go to the Library because it’s my free time. I’d rather do some homework than waste my time on other things. Daisy kept on following me, even if she still has a class and is now running late. “Aira please,” she pleaded again, this time in an even sadder tone. “Can’t you just grant me this, just this time? Please? You know, my crush will be there and I just want you to meet him, and maybe you can check him out for me?” I stopped from walking and she did too. Daisy looked at me with her pleading eyes. “And you really want me to check him out for you? Are you sure?” “Why not? You’re good when it com
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Chapter 2
I can’t help but think how small the University is. I mean, out of all the students there, it’s really the guy who I bumped into earlier? It could just be a coincidence, but how crazy of a coincidence is that? I quickly looked away from him. It’s like all I did ever since he came is to stare at him. Not because I find him attractive or what, but because I just really got surprised by this circumstance. I felt Daisy kick my feet under the table. I tried to ignore her. I don’t want the people in this table to think we have our own world, when we have everyone here we should be talking to. “You were the guy I bumped into earlier,” I mumbled, my eyes focused on my now half-empty glass. “Yeah, I think it’s me,” the guy replied. I was not looking but I could tell he was smiling. “I’m Zandrey,” he introduced. I saw his hand in front of me. I got confused for a while, but then I realized he was trying to offer his hand for a handshake. I shook his hand. “I’m Aira.” He looked at me and c
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Chapter 3
I could feel my face heating up in embarassment. I can't even look at him! I tried to look at everything else but him. I probably look like a fool now."I'm sorry," I heard him say. He shouldn't be apologizing now because it's no one's fault. But gosh, I can't grasp the thought of it!"I'm sorry too," I said. I looked at him briefly and quickly looked away. This is just so embarassing!"Should we go back inside?" He asked and I nodded so eagerly without looking at him. I can't look at him just yet because it will only remind me of what just happened.We went back to the Karaoke room and it was the most awkward walk of my life! Good thing we won't be seeing each other in school after this. We won't, right? The University's quite huge and I don't usually go to their building. And I will just make an effort to avoid every person wearing an all-white uniform.Yes, I can do that!When we got back to our rented room, it wasn't as messy as earlier. Daisy was already asleep. And guess what, s
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Chapter 4
I never got myself in trouble before. I’m always careful when it comes to things and I’m a good decision-maker. I’m also not used to making myself look like a fool. I know how to get out of situations. I am that smart, as my Mom would say. But lately, I just wanted to bury myself six feet underground after all the embarrassment.My eyes were wide while looking at Zandrey in front of me. I can see him suppressing a grin, making me feel more ashamed. If only I could instantly disappear right now, I would really like that. I didn’t even know a heartbeat could be this fast. It was like it was in a race and wanted to come out as the champion.And my mind even decided to stop functioning.I am really doomed."Are you okay?" He asked, playfulness evident in his voice.I know he already has an idea for the answer to his own question. So instead of answering him, I just stood up straight while trying to look away from him. I can't keep on looking at him when he looks so amused.I heard him ch
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Chapter 5
After that lunch with Zandrey, we went our separate ways. He still has his classes, while I have to go home. It was still weird for me to be friends with him. I’m not really a friendly person, especially when it comes to boys. I’m still wondering how everything happened so quickly. Earlier, I was determined to avoid him and now we have this weird connection. Or maybe he was just that good at making friends. I still have plenty of free time so I went home to sleep for a while. But I set an alarm for two hours. Even if I wanted to, I can’t just keep on sleeping. I can’t procrastinate because that will make me crazy. I'm not much of a multi-tasker. When I woke up from my nap, I proceeded to do my plates until I felt hungry. Timingly, Daisy was done with her classes and texted me she's on the way. I just asked her to bring some takeouts so we can eat it together. "So you're telling me that he suggested to be your pretend boyfriend so Charles will stop harassing you?" I told her abo
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Chapter 6
I feel like I was floating when my class ended. I bumped into a few people in the hallway because my mind was wandering somewhere else.Okay, not somewhere else.It was because of that kiss!Even when the classes are ongoing, all I could think about was what happened earlier. It was just the first day of Zandrey and I’s deception, I feel like I can’t do it anymore. And Daisy kept texting me, inviting us for dinner. I don’t know if I should go or just pretend I’m sick or what.Seriously, this should be easy. I just don't know why things are starting to be complicated. I just continued walking, unsure where I'm going. I don’t want to see Daisy just yet. I know Zandrey will be there too and I don’t know if I can last when he’s around.With my tote bag on my right shoulder and books on my left arm, I walked cautiously. I kept looking around, checking if someone could see me right now. So far, there’s no Zandrey or Daisy in my way. I heaved a sigh. I feel like a runaway prisoner."Hey."
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Chapter 7
It's Wednesday and it's just the second official day of our deception. While I think it's still cringe, I also think it's quite effective.The entire day yesterday, even though I knew Charles was just a few classrooms away from me, he did not come to see me. Before, he would always make an effort to pass by our classroom just to see me, talk to me, and all sorts of things he can do to make his appearance be known.Right then, I thought it was a red flag. I have already rejected him numerous times and even explained myself, but he really can't understand or maybe he does, but he chose not to understand me. The thought of him being overly persistent is bothering me and giving me the creeps.Zandrey and I agreed on this deception to happen only in school, or wherever and whenever we need to. But oddly, even if there’s really no need to pretend, he would still act lovey dovey on me. Just like now.I just woke up and when I got my phone to check i
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Chapter 8
There were multiple texts from Zandrey when I opened my phone after that particular class. But I didn’t check it just yet and just headed straight to my next class. After this class, I’m free so I can go and meet him, before I have lunch with Daisy.After settling in our next classroom, I made sure I look busy just so Risa can’t approach me again. I’m still not ready to continue whatever we talked about earlier.If Zandrey really has some unsettled issues with his previous girlfriend and he offered to be my boyfriend just so Charles will stop harassing me, I will really kick him in the balls! I don’t want to be included in their drama. I’m trying to have a peaceful life here.While the class was going on, I tried to listen as intently as I can. But my mind just fails to concentrate and wanders somewhere else. Good thing I have already downloaded advanced lecture slides for this class and was able to scan it. That way, I’m comfortable I can answer the Professor’s
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Chapter 9
I received a text from Daisy telling me she's at the the new cafe near gate 2. So after talking to Zandrey, I went there directly.I don't have any idea what it is that she's going to tell me. I don't know if it's that important, but I went anyway. Daisy's stories sometimes keep me sane. I have so much going on in my life, causing me tons of stress- from school stuff to personal life. I was glad to have someone like her who makes me forget those things. If it weren’t for her, I might have gone crazy. The moment I got to the cafe, I saw her waving at me, that's why it was easy for me to spot her. She was sitting in a corner. While I was nearing her, I looked around the place. It was fine. The ambiance was okay, and there's just a few people. Maybe because it was still new and now a lot of people knows about this place. But I’m pretty sure in a few weeks, they will get a lot of customers. The location was very strategic because it was near the school.
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