Luther POV

Laura and I get dressed and leave my bedroom. As we go out the front door, my mother stops us. "Her father is looking for her. I told him she was talking with the she-wolves," my mother says, smiling at Laura.

"Sorry, I did not mean to put you in a position to lie for me," Laura says to my mother.

"Let me fix your flowers, honey," my mother says. She fixed Laura's veil and straightened the flowers in her hair. She gives me a disapproving look and takes Laura's hand.

"I will take her back to her father," my mother says, taking Laura by the hand.

"We are telling him tonight," Laura says to my mother.

"What?" My mother asks him.

"What she said, mother, is we are telling her family and the pack tonight. I asked Laura to marry me, and she said yes," I say to my mother.

"Well, I am so happy. Welcome to the family, Laura. Wait, there is just one thing you will need," my mother says; she dashes off to her room and is back quickly.

Laura and I both are confused. "Here, Luther," my mother says to me, handing me a ring. I take Laura by the hand and slide the ring onto her finger. It is a perfect fit for Laura.

"This is the ring of the pack Luna. Since you are going to be our Luna, this can serve as your engagement ring," my mother says to Laura. She hugs Laura. My mother looks so happy at this moment.

"Are we going to tell your father first or with the pack?" I ask Laura.

"With the pack, that way he cannot flip out. My mother already knows she can handle him," Laura says to me.

I take her by the hand, and I walk out to the ceremony with Laura. We walk past her parents holding hands. Laura's mother smiles; her father, on the other hand, looks a little confused and slightly angry. I take my place in front of the pack. The pack elder is with me to transfer the pack from my father to me.

"Before we begin, I have an announcement to make. This beautiful young woman next to me is Laura Angel, the princess of the fairy tribe and your future Luna. I have asked Laura to marry me, and she has accepted," I say to the pack.

The pack elder smiles and hugs Laura. The entire pack is happy. I was unsure how they would react to their Alpha marrying a fairy, but they all seemed pleased. When I look over to Laura's parents, they do not seem upset at all. Maybe we were hiding this relationship when we did not need to hide it at all.

Laura stays by my side as I take my vows as the new Alpha. The ceremony is long and boring, but Laura stands upright like royalty. She listens to the pack elder with great intensity as I make my promise to the pack. When he finishes, and places a crown on my head. She curtseys to me.

"You know, I can marry you both right now," the pack elder says to Luther.

"Are you serious?" Laura asks him. She looks at me and shrugs her shoulders.

"Don't you want a big wedding?" I ask her.

"This is pretty big, and I am thinking we should do it before my father objects," she answers.

"Do it, keep it simple," I say.

"Laura, do you take Luther to be your husband?" the pack elder asks her.

"I do," she answers.

"Luther, do you take Laura to be your wife?"

"I do," I answer.

As Laura's father realizes what is happening, he gets up from his seat. "I now pronounce you man and wife, Alpha and Luna, kiss your bride," the pack elder says.

Just like that, Laura is my wife. We are married before the fairy king can object or take her away from me. I lean down and kiss my bride. "I love you, Laura," I say to her.

"I love you too," Laura says to me.

Her father meets us at the alter. "That was a wee bit sneaky, don't you think?" her father asks us.

"I am sorry, father, but I love him," Laura says to her father.

"I will not protest this, you are a grown woman, but I wish you would have told me," Laura's father says to her.

"I am aware I will have to give up my title," Laura says.

She hugs her father. "No, my daughter. You are the only child of the king and queen, and you can keep your title. I may even give my new son-in-law one, eventually," Laura's father says.

"She has to dance with her father, Luther. You have her for a lifetime; tonight, she dances with me," Laura's father says to me.

He shakes my hand and takes his daughter away. The reception for my ceremony has now become a wedding reception. My mother has a she-wolf convert a cake for my ceremony into a wedding cake. It is not perfect, but it works.

I watch Pip dance with Laura until I feel it is time for him to give her up. "Can I have my wife, sir," I ask him? He kisses Laura on the cheek and walks away.

"How is he taking it?" I ask Laura.

"He will be fine; I am his only child. This will be an adjustment for him," Laura says to me.

I take her hand and dance with her. The music plays as we dance, lost in each other's eyes. "Was this your plan all along? You know to get me here and rope me into marrying you?" Laura asks me.

"No, it must have been fate," I say to her.

"Fate?" Laura asks.

"Yes, that is the only explanation I have for this night. Everything is perfect. Nothing could possibly ruin this night for you and me," I say to her.

"Can we sneak out of here?" Laura asks me.

"Why Luna? What do you have in mind?" I ask her.

"I was thinking, my Alpha, you could take me to bed and have your way with me," Laura says.

"I think we could sneak away," I whisper into her ear.

I take her by the hand and lead her away from the reception. We walk back to the house slowly. "I was afraid that tonight you would tell me that you no longer wanted to be with me," I say to her.

"No, I would never turn my back on you; I love you, Luther. I hope you know how much I love you," Laura says.

"I do; you showed me tonight when you came here with your family and decided to be with me," I say to her.

"Oh, so that is what sticks out about tonight," Luara says.

I stop walking, pull her close to me and smile at her. I brush her hair back. "So, what should stick out about tonight?" I ask her.

"Luther, I got all dressed and came here to give you my body tonight, and it is not the highlight of the night?" she asks me.

"No, the highlight of the night was you agreeing to marry me. Your body was definitely a bonus," I say to her.

This makes Laura smile. "I have been telling you for a long time I would be your wife," Laura says.

"Yeah, but tonight you finally meant every word of it," I say to her.

I pick her up and carry her the rest of the way to the house. Laura laughs as I carry her through the front door. "You better not drop me," she says, giggling.

I let her slide slightly out of my arms. "Stop that," she hollers. I kiss her as I carry her into my bedroom. I lay her on the bed. I remove my tie and shirt as I get into the bed with her. I look into her eyes.

"You have no idea how happy you have made me, Laura," I say to her. Laura smiles at me. She pulls me closer. She runs her hand across my chest. I take the hem of her dress and pull it up so I can touch her thighs. I let my hand wander into her inner thigh. Laura moans as I touch her.

She is so beautiful in her dress and the flowers in her hair. She looks like a goddess lying next to me. I cannot stop looking at her. I touch her face and kiss her lips. I let my hands wander again. I want to touch her, feel her, and make love to her all night.

Laura is getting anxious. She gets out of the bed and removes her dress and her panties. She comes back to the bed naked. I touch her breast and take one in my mouth. She moans as I suckle at her breast.

Laura removes the buckle from my pants and unzips me. It is a huge turn-on as she takes charge of the situation. She frees me from my pants. Her hand going in to touch me. I moan as she takes my manhood in her hand and strokes me.

I pull her closer to me. I kiss her as she strokes me. Our tongues glide over one another as she continues to stroke me. "I want you," she whispers to me.

I roll her over and spread her legs. I position myself to take my bride. I push into her; she moans and arches her back as I take her. She grabs the sheets, and I push deep into her. I begin to thrust into her adjusting my rhythm to please her.

Luara moans, arching her back as I go deeper inside her. She moans so loud as I claim her as mine. I thrust into her harder. "Tell me, Laura, are you mine?" I ask her.

"Yess, Alpha, I am yours," she moans.

I push into her harder. I lay on her skin to skin. I want to feel her beneath me as I claim her body as my wife. I go into her deeper and harder. I want her to know she belongs to me and only me. "Luther, you are hurting me," Laura says to me.

I slow down and give her a chance to adjust. I kiss her lips and neck. Her breathing is labored as I start thrusting into her again. I ram into her hard and deep. The bed shakes violently as I claim her. I begin to growl loudly as I take her harder and harder. She does not object. Her moans grow as I feel her walls tighten around me.

"Cum for me," I whisper into her ear.

Laura begins to cum and thrust harder and deeper into her. I am about to get off. "Luther, please," Laura begs me. I shove into her hard as I explode. Laura screams. I go harder and deeper, and she screams louder.

When I finish, I pull out of her. I lay behind her. I hold her. Laura is quiet. "You are mine now, don't ever forget it; you belong to me. I am your Alpha," I say to her.

I hold her tightly and kiss her shoulder. She lays quiet, not saying anything. Laura finally rolls over and looks at me. She is crying. "Why did you do that to me?" she asks me.

I kiss her softly. "It is important you understand your role, princess. You are my wife, the Luna of this pack. You will respect me, bow down to me whenever and wherever I want you. You will not speak against me, and you will not hurt this pack or me. You must know your place in this pack. Do you understand?" I ask her.

"Yes, but I thought you loved me?" Laura asks me.

"Oh, Laura, I do love you; I only wanted to make it clear. Now you know your place," I say to her.

She curls up next to me. I hold her as she sorts through the emotions of what happened. I do love her, but she needs to know what it means to be mine.

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