The Alpha's Fairy

The Alpha's Fairy

By:  Lillith Mykals Kennedy  Ongoing
Language: English
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Laura Angel, the princess of the fairy tribe is in love with the future Alpha of the crescent moon pack. She hides her love affair from her parents, the king, and queen of the fairy realm. But when wolves attack the tribe, Laura Angel is forced to confess her love for Luther and make the biggest decision of her life. Does she choose the wolf she is in love with or her tribe?

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21 Chapters
Laura POV"Laura, are you ever going to tell them about me," Luther asks me as he picks the petals of a flower and lets the petals blow in the wind.I touch his scruffy face and let my fingers brush through his long dark hair. "I will someday, but not today," I say with a sweet smile.Luther lets the petal-less flower go and rolls over on top of me. "Someday soon, I want to marry you. I love you, Laura. You are my fairy princess," Luther says.I kiss Luther deeply and passionately as we tumble in the grass. "How long can you stay with me today?" I ask him. "As long as you want me here or until one of the faes spots me," Luther says, laughing."You know you scare them," I say. Being with Luther on a grassy hill laughing and picking flowers, is heaven to me. There is no other place on earth I would rather be than with him, but telling my family and my tribe that I am not only in love with a wolf but also the soon-to-be Alpha will not go over well."We can
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Alpha LutherI leave my precious Laura and return with my family to prepare for the celebration tonight. Tonight I take my place permanently as Alpha. My ailing father can no longer continue his role with the pack, and it is up to me to continue his legacy.My mother insisted we invite Laura and her family to the celebration. She wants to see Laura and I together, but she does not condone the sneaking around and hiding the relationship. She does not think it is good for the pack or the relations with the fairy tribe for me to sneak around with Laura. It is time to come clean and endure the consequences of our relationship.We run to the house, and the four of us, my mother, both of my younger brothers, and I settle on the porch—my mother motions for me to sit with her. I sit beside her."Son, it is important that you and Laura are honest about this relationship and make a decision. The alpha of this pack cannot be having a secret love affair with a neighbor
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Laura POVI leave Luther and walk back to our small castle in the middle of the fairy tribe lands. The small tinks follow me and tease me as I walk back to tell my parents about the invites."Did you kiss him, Laura?" one of the tinks jokes with me."Go away!" I scream at the annoying little creature.I walk into the castle, looking for my parents. My mother is out on the back patio; I can see her through the large french doors. I rush out to speak with her, not knowing my father is also out there with her. I wanted to get her alone for this discussion, but that is not going to be the case."Mother, I need to talk to you; it is very important," I say to her."What is it, my dear daughter," my father answers me. I really did not want to do this with him first."We have an invitation to a celebration for the new Alpha. We are all invited to attend tonight's gathering," I spit it all out in one breath."Why would we go to that?" my father asks.
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Laura POVI dress for the celebration and wait patiently for my mother to return to help me with the flowers in my hair. I have my long hair curled perfectly. My mother finally comes into the room with the long veil and the flowers. She works on my hair, placing flowers, and pinning the veil to my hair.She looks me over and admires her work. "You look beautiful, Laura Angel," my mother says to me."Thank you, my queen," I say to her.We leave my bedroom and go down the stairs to meet my father. "Asia," my father calls to my mother as we come down the stairs. "I know, Pip, we are running late, but you do not even want to go, so what difference does it make," my mother barks at him.My father laughs at her. "I was only going to say that you look beautiful, Asia, my queen," my father says to her."Sure, you were, Pip, my king," she says to him, kissing him as he takes her hand.We go out the front door. There is a carriage waiting to take us to the w
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Luther POVLaura and I get dressed and leave my bedroom. As we go out the front door, my mother stops us. "Her father is looking for her. I told him she was talking with the she-wolves," my mother says, smiling at Laura."Sorry, I did not mean to put you in a position to lie for me," Laura says to my mother."Let me fix your flowers, honey," my mother says. She fixed Laura's veil and straightened the flowers in her hair. She gives me a disapproving look and takes Laura's hand."I will take her back to her father," my mother says, taking Laura by the hand."We are telling him tonight," Laura says to my mother."What?" My mother asks him."What she said, mother, is we are telling her family and the pack tonight. I asked Laura to marry me, and she said yes," I say to my mother."Well, I am so happy. Welcome to the family, Laura. Wait, there is just one thing you will need," my mother says; she dashes off to her room and is back quickly.Laur
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Laura POVI leave the house early in the morning. Luther is still asleep when I sneak out of the house. I run to the woods and cross into the fairy tribe lands, hoping I get to my mother before Luther wakes up. I run as fast as I can home. When I finally make it to my home, I run into the house, close the door quietly and run up the stairs to my room. My mother comes into my bedroom as I sit on my bed crying and sorting through my feelings. "Come to collect your things?" she asks me. "Yes, I guess. I am not sure why I came here. I needed to talk to my mother, I think," I answer her. My mother sits beside me on the bed. "We have decided it is best we do not tell the tribe just yet. Your father and I want to wait just a little while. Your love for the wolf will still be a secret, for now, I am sorry, but it is what is best for now," my mother says. I shake my head and begin to cry. I lay my head on my mother. "I hope I have not made a mistake, mother," I s
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Luther POVLaura pulls away from me. She is terrified of me. I do not want my Luna, my wife, the love of my life, to be scared of me in any way. I cannot help myself. When I touch her, the beast within me takes over, and I want to control her and claim her as mine.She backs up to the bed and smiles so sweetly. Maybe she is not afraid of the wolf she married. "Come to bed, Alpha," she calls me to her.I take off my shirt and make my way to her. The wolf within me burns for her delicate skin and her touch. I can smell her excitement for me, and I want to taste her.I remove my pants as I get closer to her. She leans back on the bed, and I can see under her frilly princess dress. Her white lacey panties are wet in the middle as I push her skirt up and let my hand slide up to her ass. I grab her tightly and begin to growl. She gasps.I try to calm my wolf as I undress my beautiful wife. He is wild and hungry for her. My wolf wants to claim her, breed
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Laura Angel POVLuther and his mother, Selene, help me dress. I am a mess. I can barely stand, and the faires are on their way here to see their queen. Me, the queen, the concept does not seem like something I should be dealing with right now. I should be trying to fit in with Luther and his pack, not trying to figure out what to do with a fairy tribe. "I feel sick, Luther," I say. I lean over on him. "You will be fine, and you can do this. You have to be strong and brave for your people. I will be with you," Luther says. I nod my head—the sudden feeling of faint rushes over me. I feel hot and cold at the same time. "Oh, Luther, I do not understand why this is happening," I sob.Alpha Luther takes me by the upper arms. He shakes me gently."Snap out of it. Your people need you, Laura Angel. They are your priority tonight. I will make sure they are safe tonight. Tomorrow we will decide what to do about your tribe, but tonight you have to comfort them.
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Luther POVI order Laura Angel into the house, not that she listens to me. She is reluctant. She wants to protect her people. I understand her pain, but that is a burden she should let me carry for her, at least for now when she is in so much danger. If the wolves went so far as to kill her parents, they would come for her too.I do not want to lose her or her tribe. I wish she were not so damn hard-headed. If she would only let me lead her for five seconds, I could help her navigate her new role.I did not tell Laura she was in danger. I did not want her to worry or fret any more than she already is now. I know taking on the burden of being the Queen is a lot for her, but there is no doubt in my mind she can do it. The wolves Sammie described are vicious. I do not understand why they would be after the Fairy tribe. They are usually guns for hire. Who in the hell would want to harm the Fairy tribe? Who would hire them?I have no ide
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Laura Angel POVLuther takes me into his arms. The warmth of his chest is comforting to me. I want to be with him. I want to make love to him, but should I be wanting him right now. "I need you, Alpha," I say to him."Let me help you undress, and I will run you a bath, queen Laura," Luther says to me.He unzips my dress. My dress slides down and hits the floor. I step out of it and move closer to him. "I can help you out of these panties, too," Luther says as he tugs at my panties.Luther slides his hand down my side and holds my waist as his lips touch me. His tongue slides into my mouth. "Ummmm," I moan. His touch is electric. "Help me out of these panties, big bad wolf," I say to him. His hand slides down to my panties. He grabs the side of my panties and rips them off of me. "Ahh," I gasp as he removes my panties roughly."Slow down, wolf, we have all night," I say to him.He kisses me harder and growls. "I want you, now. I want inside o
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