9. One Hell Of A Night

I can’t believe this… No freaking way!

After spending the day at school, worried sick about my mate and her whereabouts, after asking that blonde guy about her and he just flatly told me, “If she makes it your business, she’ll tell you.” After threatening the principal’s secretary so I could get her address, after getting stuck in traffic for over an hour; after enduring my wolf’s inner turmoil for the whole day with him wanting to find her, to make sure she was fine… well, the list is long so let’s just stop it at that.

Here I was, entering her house, keeping a smile for her parents’ benefit — who, by the way, let me enter when I told them I had brought her assignments with me — yet internally wincing at the exchange between her, her brother, and a girl I could only assume was her friend or her sister. However, I knew for a fact — with me being kind of really interested in my mate &md

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