~Epilogue ~

*Six years later *


I stood beside the bed in my room facing the open window as I stare into the near distance, as people in the pack went about their daily activities. It's really a beautiful sight seeing how much have changed in just six years.

I'm not just talking about the structures here but the people as well. Even the moon goddess seem to be in agreement with more wolves starting to find their mates from night claw pack unlike before.

Even Judah and Alana finally admitted that they like each other and it wasn't just the hate and fight. It wasn't exactly surprising given how much time those two spend going at each other throats, it's only fair that they could fail that fiercely in love with each other as well.

I inch closer to the window when i saw a newly mated couple emerging from the tree line where they had gone for a run and sighed. I haven't been able to shift and go dashing between the trees myself since I got pregnant again with our third child yet again.

The mid day
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