~total jerk ~


Pretty eyes was hovering over me on the floor at this point and I don't mind the close proximity at all. In fact I was living in ecstasy, just having him so close.

He smell like morning coffee and I can totally breathe him in like my life depended on it.


My euphoria didn't last very long because he snapped his fingers right at me and pulled me back to reality. My jaw that was practically hitting the floor quickly snapped shut in embarrassment.

I'm most grateful for my really tan skin at this point because the last thing I needed was having a plume cheek that was screaming 'hey, I think am falling for you right now'

I shot him a weak glare after I was sure I won't embarrass myself the moment I open my mouth to speak to him. "You don't have to do that you know?"

"Awn, don't tell me you are going to cry now princess" He had a cute pout on his face before he began to chuckle like a maniac while the rest of his friends just joined in as well.

They sound like hyenas right now and I don't even know why I think that pout he had going on was anything cute.

He looked like a freaking clown.

Yes he does! 

And you know that thing I said earlier about him looking like an angel and all? Well I take it back because he is a fucking wolf in sheep clothing and am about to kill him.

Well, literally.

"Get the fuck away from her Logan and come pick on someone your own size"

I heard another voice growled at him and causing me to swallow back my next smart comeback. 

I watched with wide eyes as another guy pushed his way through the crowd and stood protectively in front of me.

Well, looks like am not the only one planning to kill this Logan guy, am i?

"How about you just mind your goddamn business stupid!" Logan had countered back, taking two steps towards him. Both guys now staring staggers at each other.

Oh uh!

I can't even believe what's happening right now. Are these two really going to go at each other throat because of me?

Little invincible me?_pesshh

"How about you just mind yours and stop picking on girls".

Logan gave a snort at his statement. " last time I checked, no one made you a custodian over this girls so how about you just back off"

Logan gave him a hard shove and the new guardian of galaxy Ava barely took a step back but before he could retaliate, one of the teachers was seen approaching and automatically putting an end to the fight.

"Seems like today is your lucky day Logan so you and your little dogs better run off now"

Logan was about to throw a punch at him but was pulled away by one of his friends who obviously didn't want him to get into trouble.

"I will be seeing you around asshole" Logan had snarled at him before stalking off.

I didn't realized I was till huddled on the floor with hitched breath until he turned and smiled at me before reaching out a hand to me

"Do you need a hand?"

I was feeling too tongue tie at the moment so I answered with a small nod.

"Come on then"

He grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me back on my feet in one swift move.

"Thanks" I said. Brushing a bit of dirt off my dress.

"It's nothing. Guys like Logan needs to be put in their place for being such a jerk"

"I couldn't agree any less." I said with a chuckle.

"So? My name is Carlos. What's yours?"

I stare back at him. He has a warm smile on his face that was close to compelling. 

"Ava. My name is Avalon". I said with a small smile.

"Like the princess?"

I raised a brow at his question. "What princess?"

He gave a shrug instead and tucked his hands into his jean pockets. "Only princesses bear such names last time I checked"

I chuckled at his lame joke. "Well, I'm certainly not a princess. Just Ava"

"Alright Ava. Nice to meet you"

"Same here. Carlos"

"See you around?" He asked unexpectedly after a while.


I didn't even have time to watch him go before I grabbed my map and began to look through it again. My brow furrowed in confusion at the marking on it.

Everything look just the same to me, making it even harder to decipher which was leading to where and where not.


"You need help with those?" I looked up to find Carlos staring down at my map.

What is he still doing here?, I thought I saw him leave.

Okay!, maybe I didn't but I wasn't expecting him to still be around. He should have been gone by now. Like off to his own lectures and not smiling awkwardly at me.

But it's not secret I need help with the reading on the map, so why not let him help. It's not like I have a bunch of other people waiting around to offer a brain or two. So I replied his question with complete honesty.

"Yeah, sure. I mean, I need to get to room 206 for my class and I find that I keep messing the marking up"

"Come along then, let me show you to your class"

"You would?" My mouth agape. He has done enough for me already and he doesn't even know me.

He knows your name. Ava.

Well that doesn't count as knowing someone._ yeah maybe but it's a start.

"Of course. I mean why not? You need help and I can help so what's the big deal"

"Thank you"

Carlos led the way with me trailing him from behind. We went through several lockers and janitor and flight of stairways before we got to the first floor and came to a stopped in front of the second door by the left.

Room 206 was boldly written on it.

"So here we are" Carlos said and I nod. Still catching my breath.

"Thank you"

"It's nothing. You better get in before you are completely late"

"Yes sure".

"See you around. Ava"

"You too. Carlos"

This time, I actually watched him go before I turned to face the door in front of me. I steadied my heart beat and turned the doorknob and pushed it open.

Several pairs of eyes turned and stared at me the moment I stepped in, causing me to shrink internally for a moment.

"How nice of you to finally join us miss Michael." The teacher said. His eyes taking in my appearance.

It's not surprising that he knows my name. He had a list, containing names of students in his hand. I bet he is probably taking attendance and am the last to show up.

Just great.

My eyes scanned him momentarily. Not sure how to address him. He seemed to be in his late forties or probably just looking like one because of his protruding stomach. His Harry potter glasses was hanging the bridge of his nose. 

He was dressed in a Navy blue short sleeved shirt and tucked into a black plain trouser. 

Did I just check him out?_yell no.

His name was seating beside him on the table. Right where anyone can see it. Just wondering why it's took me a while to actually see it.

That's because you were definitely checking him out girl.

Hell. To. The. No. I wasn't.

"I'm sorry Mr. Jack. I missed my way" I explained.

"Well, am sure you did. so don't just stand there. Go ahead and take a seat"


I quickly slide into one of the empty seat at the back and took out my notebook before facing the front.

My phone beeped in my jacket and I took it out and glance at it momentarily. Kara was asking if I made it to class already.

That would be story for later because right now. I need to catch up with the topic on the board.

Even though class was going on, my mind was pretty much occupied with the thought of that jerk from the hallway. 

His pretty boy face was just a cover up for the asshole he really was but that hasn't stopped me from thinking about him still.

I can swear that I felt a tingling sensation jolt under my skin when our eyes met. For a moment there, I thought I knew him from somewhere. At least I felt that weird longing in me disappear for a minute before he opened his mouth to taunt me.

Mom had already warned me about guys like Logan. Bad, mysterious and devilishly handsome. Give them a chance and they will play your heart like football and leave you in the dirt as soon as they scored.

Being a total jerk is a trait that comes with the stupid notion of being a bad boy and it's funny how they always seems to affect ones heart with just a single smirk.

I guess it's true what they say, bad boys always get the girls. Or is it the other way round. Good girls always fall for the bad boy.

What are you even saying Ava.

I'm not saying I have fallen for the guy alright? Am just analyzing the possible outcome of the situation that happened earlier if only he didn't turn out to be an asshole.

And then, there was Carlos and even though he is not as pretty as him, he was still better than he could ever be. He was pretty fearless.

I practically chuckled when I recalled the look in Logan eyes. But regretted it just about immediately when I attracted more than a disgusted look from the Barbie wannabe seating by my left.

"Yes? Miss Michael. What is so funny? Care to share with the rest of us?" Mr. Jack had said. His left brow raised at me.


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