Chapter 12

The sun shines directly on my face as I open my eyes, the bed is very comfy and I had a good night's rest, the best I've had in a really long while.

I hear voices outside, I go into the bathroom wash my mouth, clean up and walk downstairs to find Constantine and a girl with blond hair and brown eyes arguing. She was waving her hands all over the place like she was demonstrating, it seemed like they were arguing. I walk in and they both turn to go quiet and turn to look at me.

"Hey" I greet 

"Hey, I'm Alice Constantine's childhood friend," she says

"I'm Eulalia, Constantine's PA" I reply giving a kind smile, just being friendly in general. 

"Constantine you really have eyes for the pretty ones, cus girl you fine as hell" she teases and I blush at her words.

"Grab your stuff I'll drop you off," Constantine tells me 

"No don't stress I know my way home," I tell him annoyed. 

So he wants me out of his house so he

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