Chapter 46

I felt better than I had been since my father's funeral. I was still looking for a job but in the meantime, I engaged in baking cupcakes for little children and I also started playing video games. I enjoyed playing video games.

I still did not accept calls from anybody that was not Mandy, I couldn't bring myself to talk to anybody apart from her yet. I was enjoying my time alone, I visited parks and eateries.

My phone has been ringing since yesterday and Constantine has been calling me non stop but I didn't pick up, I kept ignoring his call. I was not ready to speak to him now and I didn't know what to discuss either. I did not need his pity.

I had just finished eating my breakfast when the doorbell rang. I was excited because Mandy was at the door and I had someone to spend my day with. I opened the door and the smile on my face died down. It was Francis and he had a sad smile on his face. I folded my hands and looked at him

"Can I come in?" he said calmly. I was tempted to bang th
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