Dinner Date

Kate's POV

It's been two weeks since I got hospitalized. My bruises are still healing but I feel better. I'm glad that Troy's gone. Now, baby blip here's gonna be safe.

Marc and I? Well he asked me to be his girlfriend the moment I came home. So, I said yes. He's overprotective. My due date's still faraway yet he takes care of me like I'm a freaking baby. He insisted me to move in with him but I told him not to rush things. He practically forced me since I'm the mother of his child. He said that he wanted to keep an eye on me. Such an ass.

My things were brought to his house a while ago. He hired movers to help out. I only have my necessities in my bag.I wanted to go back to work today but Marc insisted that I rest for the day. I had no choice since both the baby

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