50 - Nameless Wolf

~Missy’s Point of View~

I can only make popcorn for so damn long, what am I going to do for all these people tonight? On top of that, I had a huge migraine and my skin was just super itchy.

Maybe if I could sneak away and get a bath I’d feel better. I was already sick of the wink and nudge act from Nate’s mom who kept finding excuses to look at my neck. Although, several people did. They said I smelled different and of course everyone knew what that meant.

“We’ll have to have a proper Luna ceremony,” someone said. 

I had no idea what that entailed, but with my mates gone and my best friend kidnapped it was hardly something I could waste my brain space on for now.


Ohh boy! Not her dream wolf!

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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Wow! Her wolf is a narcissistic fking b!tch! Feel sorry for Missy to end up being stuck with a horrendous wolf like that.
goodnovel comment avatar
well dang, she could've been a bit nicer. definitely a different view point on gaining a wolf from what I've read
goodnovel comment avatar
Yaya veperez
what a stinker

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