Chapter 31 -- AN HAPPY ENDING

Written by Evelyn Mba



Three years Later

The Ray of sun shone in the dark room. 

  Darkness fled... It was another bright day.

Slowly Lara yawned and her eyes lid open, scrutinising the whole room.

It's morning already. She muttered and glanced at the huge wall clock in front of her.

    Oh my!! It's 11:45am. She gasp.

She tilted her head, her eyes on the man who laid beside her.

She smiled, dropping her head on his chest.

  It's three years now... Since they both stayed in the same room.

Before they stayed in different rooms but Nicklaus had insisted they stayed in his room.

It's up to three years now.. since she have birth to her beautiful Twin. God, they look so pretty and handsome.

It's been three years now.. since she was ordained Queen Officially. She has taken that role and they people love her so much.

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what a book.i really don't know what to say.
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