Chapter 11: Van

20 years earlier…

Vanluke, a name given to him by his mother. She was sweet, by the name of Dominika Acker. She was a woman who cared for her only son who grew up without a father. By day she takes care of him and everything else that normal people do. At night she works as a waitress in a club.

"Mom, enough working in that place," he tells her over hundreds of times.

Dominika smiled at her son. She put the kitchen knife down and a piece of onion. "Don't worry about me, Van. I can work fine."

"No you're not!" His mother flinched. It was the first time in their lives he had raised his voice to his mother. Instant regret flashed on his face but he had to convince her. "I can work. You don't have to go


Sorry I keep missing daily updates. I write because I enjoy it so I hope you understand ( ◜‿◝ )♡.

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