After searching for his dad, for a week, O'Connell finally found someone who claimed he knew where O'Connell's dad was.

O'Connell began wondering how his father would act, after seeing him. He had only seen a picture of his father, when the man was eighteen or so. And the color of the picture was black and white. The man's name was Adolphus.

O'Connell's mother had lied she had a one night stand, with some stranger in Ireland, when she went visiting , and had no idea she was pregnant until she came back to Nigeria.

The man horned and it interrupted O'Connell from his mind traveling down that memory lane. It seemed like he had zoned out throughout the drive on the streets. Because he was currently in the man's car, and they were heading to his dad's place.

And at that moment, they were right in front of a huge black gate.

"Is this where my dad lives?" O'Connell asked, turning to look at the man.

And the man replied him with just a firm nod.

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