Honey's eyes see Eric's shadow

Early in the morning, Honey is lying down on her bed, since she didn’t take night off within eight hours. Meanwhile, her mind is still thinking of Anderson. Her hands are getting the clothes to cover her eyes and nose; to forever forget him. Whatever he will do. Unfortunately, her eyes could still see him.

Her imagination,

“Anderson, please hold me to your heart. Probably, my heart will be totally great, as you’ll touch my body.

I am now at the back of you. You’ll always be beside my heart. Don’t be shy, my heart is yours, okay?

Well, you’ll allow my hands; to touch you.

Do that Anderson, whatever you’ll do to my body. I’ll always be with you.”

Honey’s body is romantically feeling to this imagination. Her eyes are desiring; to make this imagination happen in the veracity. Even if her eyes didn’t see him within 20 days, yet her heart is still capturing the image of the guy. After a while, her ears are listening to Anderson’s favorite music. To that, her bright eyes are desiring to
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