My Future Prepossessing Wife

My Future Prepossessing Wife

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The dazzling star materializes its lights above the mountain, and then, there's a seductive guy who shares his bronze heart to the ravishing girl. With her, he can gaze at the bountiful world, even though the star and moon have disappeared their shimmering objects. He falls in love with her, especially when the exquisite girl imbibes her gleaming eyes exclusively to him; he would be insane if he can't behold her again. When the storm hit the whole land, he couldn't glimpse at her again. He does not want to fall in love with another woman in life. Alongside his arms, someone waits for his sincere love. Would he get attracted to her?

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51 Chapters
Eric finds shortly his queen's heart
 One day, Eric brings his mother’s round to the Blackpool beach; to take their adventure. Here, Mezlan is over the moon with her esteemed son. Moving forward, there are a plethora of women who take their hat off to Eric. For them, this guy makes them feel how splendid to live in the heaven. Additionally, once they will go to the definite place where Eric is in the lap of luxury staying. Hence, his cute as a bug mother gets green with envy on them.In the Blackpool beach, Jehlan is closed by the cottage where Eric and his cute as button mother are gladly staying. Present moment, she sets her heart on their cottage yet, she is shaking like a leaf the black reaction of Eric’s mother. At the same time, Eric looks transparently to this woman. However, he does not really keep his eyes peeled on her.As the twilight has back to the square one to emerge in the sky. Now, Sunshine (the finest confidant of Jehlan ) says to her,Best friend, let us
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Eric's apple eye pass away
 Early in the morning, Mezlan is shaking up why her son is not beside her. Less than no time, she goes to the outside; to find on her. However, her cute as button son does not appear to her diverting eyes.At this time, Eric enters to the house gladly. In the room, his cherish mother is not around. So, he takes his sleep immediately.This takes 3 hours to find Eric in the outside, yet Mezlan did not find her son. As the sunbeam has back to the square one to hit on the ground. So, she makes up her mind to go back in the house.As Mezlan sets foot into the room. Out of the blue, her son is sleeping like a dog on the bed. Now, she sets her heart own to let him wake up, yet she has turned over the leaf her mind.In the kitchen, Mezlan has prepared batten down their foods. On the other hand, Eric is going to the kitchen; to take his meal. As the mother turns her head to the left side. Luckily, her son is around. Now, she asksOh! My son
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Eric's mother inky to his eyes
 One morning, Eric lets the cat out of the bag to his mother; he will go to Wells city. To that, his adored mother is not having a whale of time after she hears it. After a couple of days, Mezlan allows her son to leave in this city, yet she says,don’t count the number of days something better for me,You know, how billion of stars do I give on you. Indeed, I let my wings to hold you at all time.Eric replies her,I know that mother,My heart hurts a lot even the wind and medicine can’t cure it.I still need to leave this place, yet I’ll let my feet to go back here.I do apologize to leave you mommy.Anyway, I will bring you to the moon with me after a couple of years.On the other hand, Sunshine is getting hurt to her heart as Jehlan dies. Besides that, she could not see her confidant personally. Since, no one is allowed to approach due to her illness which can transfer to the others. How
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Glory rejects Eric heart
 Monday morning, Eric is down in the mouth to his life. Later on, his mother will be burry in the cemetery. Present time, he has tried to ask the moon and sun; his mother’s eye will be open, yet his adored mother keeps on sleeping to her eyes. Present moment, he is eating his heart out to. In spite of this, Alvin and Sunshine are placing their confidant to be in the sun.As the eventide has disappeared in the sky. Now, they are now burying the dead body of Mezlan. To this, Eric knocks on the wood to enter inside the coffin, yet Sunshine keeps on pulling on him. Indeed, she makes him to shot to her shoulder.On the other hand, Jericho is going to the old house; to see his son who is inside the cage. Unfortunately, his son has gone already inside the cage. To this, he is getting up an arm to his wife. Moving forward, he has sighted in the mirror, yet he couldn’t see the person who has saved to his son. In a flash, he has sent his message via twit
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Eric uses his third eye
 In the house, Eric is always down in the dumps to his life. What he could see to his life; like the driftwood on the water. Moving forward, he knocks on the wood off this place to pay no head to his hurtful experiences, yet he still missed to his esteemed mother even if, she has breathed one’s last. When the time, his tears will come out to his eyes. Out of the blue, the wind passed over it even if, the door is very closed. To this, he has crossed to his mind, his cherished mother is already inside the house.On the other hand, Alvin is bouncing off the walls for the wedding ceremony tomorrow. At the same time, Glory is freaking out to see his husband in the church. After a few minutes, the butterfly is flying above her head. To this, she is shaking up why this animal enters to the room. After a couple of minutes, she has closed the door even if, the butterfly will cut to the quick on her.At this night, Zerryl has arrived to the town from the Wells
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Eric and Zyrril's friendship
 This night, Eric did not leave this island. Right now, the galaxies and stars have started to disappear in the sky. Hence, he could see to the woman who is staying a little far from him. Well, he has made up to his mind; to swim on the water.At this time, Zyrill wants to go back to her house, yet she is still excitedly waiting to the guy. Moving forward, she tries to touch the water so that she can go to the other part of this island. However, she is making her blood run due to the deepness of this water.Even if, the water is very deep, yet Eric is still ignoring it. He will do everything for this sparkling woman. Eventually, he has gone to the other part of the island. Sadly, the galaxies and stars have started to disappear in the sky. Despite that, he is using his third eyes; to find the enchanting woman.Right now, he is already beside to the woman, yet he is having a cold foot to tell his coolness heart to her.At this point of time, Z
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Anderson, Zyrril's ex-boy friend has back
 At this time, Eric is going back to his house. His mind is still thinking to his sweetheart in life. Most of the time, he will consider the wind as his sweet lover. Moving forward, he is shaking up why the door of his room has opened. What he crosses to his mind; his girlfriend is ready to enter to his kingdom. On the other hand, Anderson is going back to the Wells city; to meet his family. His mind is always focusing to them. Going forward, he brings a lot of gifts for them. However, he did not let his girlfriend know about his purpose. Well, he tries to dial her over the phone, yet his sweet lover did not answer to his call. Well, he sends his message to her.“Dear Honey,I know, you’re hiding something from me. To tell you honestly, I had found you with the guy. I know, you’re not my suited girl, since you had let your heart; to find another guy. Anyway, I will be recovering to this current situation. You know, my
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Anderson meets his ex-girlfriend
Everyday, Anderson is always looking at the window. His mind and heart are madly looking to his ex-girlfriend. Sometimes, his heart would decline him to find his ex-girlfriend, yet his eyes always requested him to find her. To that, he is getting in love to her.Late in the afternoon, he is now feeling blue due to too much thinking to her, even if he would promise to himself that he will not remember him, however he could slipped to his mind on her. After a while, he hears a sound to his sweet girlfriend. In just a minute, he desires to find her, unfortunately he did not find her even if, the voice keeps on centering to his mind. Well, he motivates himself to find her even if just one minute.On the other hand, Zyrril desires to transfer to the other city; to meet her friends, yet she could not see the right path. Hence, she keeps on lying to the bed. After a while, she hears the message of Eric. But she did not value it. In short, she has forgotten all of his memories
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Eric unexpectedly owns the heart of Zyrril
 At this night, Zyrril is having a difficulty; to sleep. What she is always crossing to her mind, the presence of Eric upon looking to the window, while she will look at the door; she will picture the presence of her ex-boyfriend who is now coming to her. Less than no time, she is going to the kitchen; to drink water.Upon looking at the window, Eric is calling her to approach her. In just a second, she is going to the outside; to find him, yet she did not see this guy. Oppositely, she has found the cow who is approaching her. In just a second, she leaves out from here directly. On the other hand, Eric is still looking at the television to the artist who makes his day better. Right now, he feels romantic to her when the woman will look at him. Well, he dreams that, this will turn to the reality. After a few hours, he takes his night off directly even if, he does not want to sleep yet.Anderson is going to the Tresco island; to meet his incoming sweetheart.
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Zyrril confronts Anderson
 Upon arriving to the house, Zyrrril plays the music which is the favorite song of Eric. Meanwhile, she has kept the pictures of Anderson to the other drawer. In short, she is hiding the memorable things on him. However, she could slipped her mind back on him. Well, she plays the music many times; to totally forget him from her heart and mind.As of bow, Anderson is going to the house of his ex-girlfriend who has promised; they will build their relationship again. Unfortunately, Zyrril’s house is always closed. Well, he makes up his mind to go back in the island. For him, this is the final day when he will be meeting on him. Moving forward, he stays beside the cottage after a few minutes, he decides to make a small nepa house. Actually, he really does not know how to make it, but he needs to try to make it, since this is the favorite of his ex-girlfriend. After a while, he stops to make it after the wind has passed over him. For him, this wind is the new sw
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