A Strange Journey

Shikhar was walking through the garden when he spotted Hawa. The deer sensed him as not hostile and reached his side. Shikhar fed him. He and Rishesh will be leaving soon. It will be daylight soon.

He rubbed gently on Hawa's head as he sat there. However he was surprised to have a deer for a companion on his journey next day. The deer was following their chariot. Rishikesh stopped and lifted the deer into the chariot. It immediately came and curled on Shikhar's side. Hrishikesh looked at them and Shikhar looked back and away.

It was going to be a long journey.


Mithraos looked at his new family members. Both of them were looking at him challengingly. To his right he could sense Eloy's mirth and to his left Adharva's curiosity.

"We shall play chess then," said Mithraos, accepting Samar's challenge. The older brother was the kind of brother Mithraos would have loved to have and he was now challenging him in chess. As if anyone can beat him.

Eloy moved and Mithraos took h
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