Chapter 31

We left the room and went down the long corridor that led to the waiting room, it was near the surgery area, when we arrived I saw Cassandra sitting in a chair with a coffee in her hands.

"My dear, it's great that you were able to leave now," says Cassandra, getting up.

"Yes, thank God, haven't they given news of Alejandra?" I ask impatiently.

—Not yet, but the baby is in the neonatal area, he's fine, nothing happened to him.

- What good news! "I say relieved," but I am desperate not to know anything about Alejandra yet, "I say with a broken voice.

"Easy love," Matthew says as he embraces me, runs his hand gently over my head, caressing it, while I shed tears on his chest, in his arms I found a refuge in that moment. 

Several minutes passed, we were sitting waiting for someone to come out to tell us about Alejandra, in itself my patience was not one of my strengths, at this moment it had become torture, but I couldn't do anything else, like w
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