The Tempest-II

Terrified, Lord Yong cried aloud. He could not control his tears from streaming down his face, while looking at the sky. Again, he saw Si-ri's smiling face when he closed his eyes and started to pray for the book as it was a last resort to save his beloved daughter. In this entire context, Lord Yong faints eventually.

A few minutes later

Lord Yong gained consciousness and quickly tried to stand. The sun was half submerged but wait, what was the black hues emitting at the direction of the sunset? Lord Yong recalls the words of the Dark Lord "The aura of the book is so dark that wherever it will be placed under the ground it will emit black clouds above it".

Without wasting a single second, he immediately ran towards the black clouds. When he reached there, he saw four other men who were digging. The moment they turned, Lord Yong shouted with happiness "Students!"

They all ran towards their Master and hugged him as if they were hugging their own father. Tears were streaming from their eyes.

"I am happy that you are alive," said Lord Yong in happiness.

One of the disciples showed him the book, the book of the Devil to his master.

Lord Yong's hands were shivering while touching the book.

Corner of his lips stretched out showing a perfect smile after holding the book. They all thanked god for this.

"We should leave now, it's getting dark. The desert can be more dangerous at night," said Lord Yong.

They all proceeded with a relief of getting the book. Lord Yong drank some water given by his disciples on the way. They had little food for their way and some water to survive in the desert.

Lord Yong knew that they had not won the whole battle yet. At night, the desert can show some other colours too. Therefore, they increased their pace.

Fortunately, it wasn't too dark and the moonlight had lit their path.

There was drop dead silent in the desert until a crackling sound in the desolation startled them. The moment they searched for the direction of the sound, a hand erupted from the sand and dragged one of the disciples under. He shouted for help.

He shouted for help as all the others kept trying to pull him back out from the sand that was trying to swallow him.

After some time of struggle, they rescued him. All they could hear was their own breaths, coming in gasps.

Lord Yong's presumption was right. "There is something in this desert that does not want us to take this book out of the desert. It is obvious that this book is cursed; lots of people have lost their lives because of this book. Therefore, it will follow the negative powers."

Lord Yong quickly took out a talisman from his bag and stuck it on the book to save it from the ungodly energies.

They continued walking to get out of the desert. At night, the coldness of the desert was becoming unbearable. They all started to shiver in no time. As they were about to reach the end of the desert, the ground started to steep abruptly. They all stopped then and there. They were helplessly seeing the steeping of the ground, in a few seconds it created a deep chasm.

It was impossible to reach the other side of the ground. To make things even worse a violent dust storm was forming behind them and it was slowly taking the face of the devil. There they met with the daunting creation of thunder and darkness. Two pupil less eyes stared at them with pure hatred, he was so horrible that just a single glance of him could give death to the faint hearted.

The situation was becoming more menacing as they did not have any way to run or save their lives. In front of them was the devil who was oozing out with anger and behind them there was the deep chasm.

"This is my book. How dare you touch my belongings? Give it to me otherwise I will kill you all," said the devil in extreme fury.

Lord Yong knew that he was the same sinister malcontent soul who cursed the whole town to die. He was the last owner of the book and the book is the only source of his existence as an evil soul in the desert.

Lord Yong needed to think of something to kill two birds with one stone, to kill the devil and save the book at the same time. But the crux of the matter was that he needed to destroy the book in order to kill the devil. The book was the only medium for this evil spirit to roam around this territory.

The devil was slowly crawling towards them with several bizarre wounds oozing a thick, foul liquid, suggesting this being was definitely not alone. He moved forward, his legs sturdily carrying its demonic body with a collected energy.

Lord Yong and others were froze in complete terror.

The devil then moves his hands to grab the book with eyes full of disgust.

Lord Yong tried to convince him by making some deals but all his words fell on deaf ears.

But out of the blues, something unexpected happened. A strong gust of wind ruffled the pages of the book. The opened page in front of Lord Yong read the spell to kill Evil spirits. Lord Yong's eye flickered with relief.

Lord Yong immediately started reciting the spell and fortunately, it worked for them.

As soon as the words were said the spirit began to burn up. Fire encased it from all sides causing it to cry and weep. After a few minutes with a piercing cry and huge bust of light, it vanished without any traces.

The steeped ground behind them came into its real form. Everything was calm and silent.

It was a strange feeling to be on the footsteps of so many bodies who had lost their lives. The disaster made them sleep forever engulfed by the duvet of sand; the cadres submerged under the sand are of the people who once spent their lives here. You couldn't help but feel lost in this desert. It was a lonely place with distant memories of the town that was once here and also home to the families who lived here.

Lord Yong with his disciples felt relieved once they came out of the desert alive with the book.

They all were exhausted and had no energy to move anymore. Seeing his students' condition Lord Yong decided to rest under a big tree.

"You all can take a nap here, we'll proceed tomorrow morning," said Lord Yong.

Next morning they all headed towards the town and the moment they reached there, the faces of the people were blooming with happiness. They all were obliged for their great deed that saved their town from the horrendous future.

The chief of the town welcomed them with great honour and requested them.

"You people have saved all of us from an unfortunate ending. The whole town of Xinjiang province will always be grateful to you. Thereby, I would like to announce a celebration tonight in your honour. We all will feel blessed if you accept this request and stay here tonight so that we can celebrate your victory," requested the old man.

"That's really kind of you all to honour us but as you see we are on a mission and we are lacking time. Thank you so much for your hospitality. I'm not willing to refuse your proposal but we are helpless. Therefore, we must proceed towards our destination," Lord Yong said politely.

"I can understand your dilemma but you need to accept some of our gifts as a token of our respect," the old man said.

Lord Yong could not deny their gifts and eventually accepted the gifts from them. After some time they all bid goodbye to the folks of town and started their journey with lots of good memories.

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