Dragon's mate

Dragon's mate

By:  Eve Peters  Completed
Language: English
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"Hey! I know you! You spilled my coffee on me the other day... What.. Where am I? What have you done?"Elizabeth was confused and disoriented."O my Gooood you talk too much!" a guy that looked like he was a part of the mountain said and sta**** her in the neck with a syringe.She felt panic starting to rise within her but soon enough darkness pulled her and she lost her conscience.Elizabeth, a 23year old New York resident finally had her life under control, just the way she wanted it. Never had she imagined that stopping for coffee on her way to work one day could change her life the way it did.Henry Johnson just celebrated his 162 birthday. Long ago he gave up hope on finding his soul mate, a person perfect for him, created just for him, promised to him by Gods that his ancestors believed in, that he believed in.And now there she was sleeping unconscious in his bed. He had taken her without giving it any thought but he had no choice, he had to have her next to him. He just had to. But she didn't seem to feel the same towards him and that confused him. She was supposed to feel their bond the way that he did. But he will there, he will make her fall for him. She will love him one way or the other.

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54 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Double espresso, please. To go.” Elizabeth said to the young girl behind the counter of the coffee shop in a coarse voice. After placing the order, she moved out of the line to wait for her much-needed coffee. She didn’t even bother to remove sunglasses from her face knowing she looked like hell. Her eyes were bloodshot, and there were purple bags under them caused by a night filled with alcohol a
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Chapter 2
“It’s her, she’s the one. My promised one,” Henry thought but couldn’t move a muscle. He just stared in her eyes just like she stared in his. Warm brown pools took him by surprise and caused a storm in his head and a rapid beating of his heart. His instincts were telling him to grab her fast and just run to his lair, but the last bits of his rational mind knew better. He had to be careful not to ma
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chapter 3
“So just like that? You crushed with a guy on a side-walk, he spilled your coffee, offered to buy you a new one, and you just left?” Martha asked with a look of disbelief on her face. “What was I supposed to do?!” asked Elizabeth, almost shouting.
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Chapter 4
When Saturday finally came, everyone was more than excited. Elizabeth was thrilled. One of her best friends was getting married. It was a big day. She met Samantha on her first day of college, in their first class. What made them click instantly was shared love towards Russian romanticism and the English Victorian era. One discussion led to another, and before they even knew it, they were spending more and more time together. Martha was already Lizzy’s best friend, and soon Jenny started hanging out with them since she was already friends with Samantha. Marie actually used to work at a local cafe where they used to spend their free periods, so in time she just fell into the group. Now, five years later, they were glued together. So when one of them was getting married, it was like that was their own wedding. It was important. “Are you nervous?” Lizzy asked Samantha. “Nooo, why would I be? It’s just the most important day of my life till now,” nervous sarcasm was seeping out of her.
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Chapter 5
‘She felt it, I know she did,’ Henry thought to himself while he led his mate to the dance floor. He could see it on her face, she acknowledged the sparks that were meant to exist between two soulmates, and she seemed entranced with his eyes like he was with hers. He saw her pulse quicken on her neck, and her breath seemed to have picked up a pace. But on her exterior, she seemed calm and collected, the recognition was so fast, and it disappeared from her as quickly as it came. If he was not focused on her every blink, he would have missed it. But how she managed to hide it all and act like she didn’t feel it, it was a mystery to him.
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Chapter 6
After Henry left the reception, he got into his car and went to the street where Elizabeth lived. He knew he couldn’t wait any longer. His inner beast was itching to get out and to grab its mate and fly away. He thanked heavens for the day that he decided to buy a black SUV with tinted glasses a few years back when he came to New York instead of the Porshe that he was eyeing. It will make his job so much easier now.
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Chapter 7
Henry knew he shouldn’t have drugged her, but he panicked when Elizabeth started screaming. He knew he should have calmed her, made himself not seem like a threat, but he just couldn’t think rationally. It looks like when it comes to Elizabeth, he can not make a single right decision because everything that he has done so far was wrong.  
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Chapter 8
“I am what?... What are you talking about?” Elizabeth was confused. Why would a guy that she sees for the third time in her life call her his? It makes no sense. Unless he is a nut job, yeah, that would explain it. “Don’t you feel it? I don’t understand how you can ignore it. It’s not supposed to be possible.” Henry looked at her like he wasn’t actually seeing her, but like he was looking through her thinking about something she couldn’t comprehend. “Feel what exactly?” “What exactly?” now, h
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Chapter 9
Henry ended up untying Elizabeth’s hands. She did have to use the restroom, and she for sure would need to use her hands to eat. He doubted that she would let him feed her, although it would be a great pleasure for him. He wrecked his head, thinking about what he should say to her, to explain things, to make it easy for her to understand, to make her accept him, and let him just enjoy her presence. Henry wanted to call his brother for help to ask him what he did and how he handled his now-wife when he found her, but he knew that wouldn’t make much of a difference. Every story was unique in its own way, and every couple had its road to travel. He just had to find theirs. He already had so many feelings in his heart for her that made him want
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Chapter 10
Elizabeth finished her meal in silence even though she lost appetite after his bitter words. She was engulfed in her own thoughts that were confusing her more than anything. A strong urge to explain herself was not leaving her alone, and that was the part that confused her the most. Why would she feel the need to defend her actions? Why would she feel the need to console him? She didn’t even know him for God’s sake, and after all, he kidnapped her. Took her against her will. But those eyes... she wanted to put her hand in his dark hair and comb it with her fingers. It looked so soft and invitingly tempting. Darkness slowly crept into the room, and now the only thing Elizabeth could see was Henry’s eyes that were shining like nothing she had
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