Esther's house was just a normal bungalow, like Emma's. Melvina thought, as she stepped out from the car with the others.

It was even of the same color; white.

"Lead the way." She told the witch girl, who just glanced at her for a few seconds before turning away and walking up the steps that led to the front porch.

She watched keenly as the girl took out a key from her trousers' back pockets, and slide it into the keyhole.

She was already taking steps forward with her two sons towards the porch, when all of a sudden, the girl was pushed through the air with so great a force, that she landed way behind them on her butt, groaning and grunting in pain.

Immediately, she ran towards her, bending on her knee and checking her out, aware that her sons were now at alert.

What has caused that?

"Are you okay? Esther…" She called, while checking to see if there was a major injury on the girl's body. She seemed fine, except that she was groaning in pains, whilst holding her hand and waist at
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Helen F Rayford
I believe with all my heart that the lady in captive by that evil witch that had that phantom try to still Emma Sheila daughter. But then on the other hand......I will get back with you
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Jennifer rossell
torture makes my heart break, I hope it ends for her soon! I left a review for you the other week :)
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Omgggg I hope it’s Sheila!!!!!

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