When Lucille opened her eyes, waking up from the strange dream, her eyes beheld Sheila first. The latter was sitting on the couch, very near to her bed, holding her hands.

"You are running a temperature..." Sheila muttered, before standing up quickly and walking out of the beautiful room which Lucille had come to take as a mini home since they had arrived here yesterday night.

After the musky air had been cleared concerning who she was, and who she belonged to, Sheila had suggested that she leave with her that night to her own place, that they had a lot to talk about, and Maryann hadn't opposed that motion. So, she had packed her bags, and loaded it into the car trunk of Sheila, and off they had gone, but not before she had kissed her little brother on the cheek since he had been sleeping still. And although they weren't at all related, she had still thought him of her little brother. She had wondered then if she would ever see him again.

The car had come to stop, after a thirty minut
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