125. Two Choices



I couldn’t feel anything or hear anything. Not even my heartbeat. Nor could I sense if it was hot or cold. There was darkness around me, yet at the same time, I couldn’t see it. It was just… emptiness.

The pain that had consumed me was gone. I had been stuck in this state for so long that I had no idea how much time had passed. Was I dead? I had felt the agonising pain and then my life slipping from my grasp.

The last thing I remembered was Kiara’s scream of anguish. I had failed her. I left her when she needed me the most. I once thought I’d destroy the world for her, but then I realised I needed to create somewhere safe for her. For our pup.

At times, when I felt the darkness consume me, something would tug me back, leaving me suspended in this emptiness. But now… I was getting pulled into the depths of the darkness that I was always teetering at the edge of.

A sudden dazzling light made me close my eyes, raising m

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Santana C
This chapter was too much… honestly I thought the pup would save him. I didn’t believe he was truly gone. I was in denial but what happened just killed me. I love Al. My heart can’t take anymore
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I’m a bloody mess reading these past few chapters. Anxious, worried, sad, excited, shocked, depressed, crying, hysterically crying, confused, happy, elated, then crying and laughing at the same time. Tears and snouts mixed together. I will need therapy after this !!!
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Colleen Fraser
have to admit I agree with most everyone's comments..... I was crying and sniffling I couldn't believe he died and left her alone.... I couldn't imagine where the story could go from there.... now so happy he is back and they can both get their happy ending together

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