Chapter 65








There was noise in the class, their economics teacher just left and they were waiting for their next class.

The students talked and played while some were busy with their phones.

"... And I was so drunk and I don't think I can still remember anything that happened at the fire night camp. I am so stupid, I didn't even have to get the kiss from Liam that I planned for and it's so.. " Laura stopped when she noticed Elena was not paying attention at all.

"Hey, Elena! Back to earth. I've been talking to you for ages and you seemed lost. What are you thinking of?" Laura asked jerking her back to life as Elena got startled.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry," Elena said blinking and batting her lashes.

"Are you OK? You don't seem OK at all" Laura said as Elena held her head.

"What's inside your bag?" Laura asked touching Elena's bag noticing it wasn't books that were in her bag
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