Sirquit Murders (English)

Sirquit Murders (English)

By:  Carol16  Ongoing
Language: English
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Claire, a talented chef from Bali was involved on serial murders at London because her big mistake.Then, the London police catch her for this chronologic and made everything in this girl was over from her job until her life plan.In here she will meet with three detective from London together solve this problematic chains.Could she get survive and find the way to get out from all trouble that chain her or not?

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13 Chapters
The begind
London, England    In a room filled with a musty smell, there was a man smoking in the corner of the room .. And in cross from him was a blonde haired woman with a flat face and still staring at the man in front of her. She wear a white shirt with skiny jins, her shoes look dirty same like her face.   The man started blowing cigarette smoke from his mouth and then stuck the cigarette into any floor and turned it off.  After the cigarette stopped smoking and the ashes scattered everywhere, he walked to the woman opposite him in a provocative act.  He began to lower his face to the blonde woman who was sitting casually.     "Are you really not going to tell me what happened?"  He asked in a haughty manner.    "Not."  The woman looks calm and ignores the man in front of her.  She did not consider anything in front of her and even only replied to a word or two earlier.&n
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One, Foreign Paper
   "What is this?"  thought her and started picking the little paper off the floor.  With a lot of curiosity, she began to open the contents of the paper. Then, see with her own eyes what was written in the foreign paper.   She also read it with seriously and tried to guess the answers from random numbers that was printed in there.  She started activating her personal hacker account and typing the number.     After searching and looking at the list on there and was very much of its every type, she found a link that looked interesting.  She also started pressing the link, but suddenly the laptop screen changed!   There are various slides with trusted and well-written informants.  Incidentally she likes stories where the outline related to investigative cases and starts reading them until she forgets time.  Suddenly, a suggest entered her brain suddenly and made her hesitate.&nbs
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Two, sabotage
    After a silence come for a long moments, Jimmy started to speak with a half confused and understand.     "I just feel this is like sabotage from a certain side people ," honestly Jimmy, his face that turned frown made his face look serious.     "Well, we haven't investigated this girl ... maybe she doesn't look like an innocent person," tell Kent with his strong argument.     "But I feel something is wrong here and it was ..-"     "I know there will be differences of opinion here, so I have gathered all the information and files on Claire's life," Yoel interrupted suddenly, breaking up the argument that occurred between Kent and Jimmy.    "But what I don't get is her real family informations, all of that types information can't be access even I find a piece of that information. So I turned around when Claire grew up and I sea
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Three, memories
     She began to think about the most beautiful memories that were with her before she moved to Bali.     Her helper grandmother was willing to take care of her and always make happy condition .. as well as her childhood which was filled with a variety of unique adventures.     Until she moved to a worst memory. Flash back     A little girl ran to an ancient house which is filled with various medicinal plants and creepers in front of the yard. With carefully, she passed various traps for the invisible thief and got through them.  After that, she opened the door with cheerfully and excited. "Grand-"      The flower she was holding fell to the floor just like that and immediately she ran with fast to an old woman who was lying limply on the floor.       The chrysanthemum th
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Four, Immoral Man
     Claire was even more disbelieving and began to look around where only a few prisoners and policeman were on guard outside.  But most of them fell asleep.     She was confused about how this man could get in here without the police blocking him but still let her worries float first.  She had to finished this man's cunning first ...     Claire stared back at the man in front of her and spat out a sentence from her lips.  "Well, I chose the second option."      The man began to roll his eyes and opened the iron bars with the key he had been holding for who knows how long!  Claire was even more startlet by the actions of this damn man and was ready to punch him at any time.      "Come with me!"  Force that man and grabbed Claire's wrist.  Panicked, Claire began to lift one of her legs towards the man's genitals an
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Five, Insidious File
     Kent immediately approached a man who was cleaning and tidying the scattered files.  After which, he patted his shoulder casually.  Automatically, that man with slow turned to him.     "What is wrong?"     "Where did you get this file from?"  Kent asked and showed he a piece of yellowish paper with foreign writing.     "As far as I can remember, I got the three files from an old lady with an Asian face a few years ago. After that, I kept them until this case appeared. It so happened that the names were similar so I put them here too." That man, Yoel just speak and his answer still not made Kent understand     "Well ... I'll try to investigate this paper tomorrow," said Kent concluding the next step.     "And, under the corner of the paper is a separate drawing. And the two files again have small writing in t
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Six, Glasses Woman
    "Morning miss. Sorry if i disturb you, are you from Asia?"  guessed Jimmy while asking and made the woman turn her eyes to Jimmy.    "Sorry, I'm not from Asia. But my mother is from there," replied the glasses woman with a friendly smile for the man in front of her.     "Oh, well .. do you know a little about Javanese writing?"  Jimmy asked her with a very much hope.    "I know a little. Around there are a books of javanese languange, please wait .."  concluded that woman and began to get up from her seat.    "Fine."  Said Jimmy and followed the woman's direction until she reached a place lined with ancient books.     The woman was need to climbed the available stairs and took some of book that was dusty and its pages were still use old pages, golden black colour.     She went downstairs from ladder and gave
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Seven, Who Are You?
    When Claire looked back, she found a tall man facing her and the whole man was completely not same with the past guard.     Claire started looking back again and found 2 people dragging the real guard and drinking a pill to that man. She began to turn the gaze from her eyes to tall man in front of her.     "Who are you?"  Said Claire with guts shrinking in her heart.    "I thought you wouldn't forget me, right ??"  The man's threat approached her and made her cornered in the darkness being held back by the man's large body ..    "Tell me your name!"  Commanded Claire firmly and stared into the face of the man in front of her who was right in the dim darkness of the prison.  Various small animals are still moving on the floor crawling termites looking for various food.    "My name? Huh... You need to answer my previous question. Do you want to
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Eight, Javanesse Sentence
    The three of them were immediately silenced by Claire's question.  There was quite politely for a moment leaving four people don't make a voice and keep be silent in the room.     And three man in near from Claire had cold faces just like the surface of rock and only Claire had a curious face, was still staring at them.  After a few minutes passed quickly, Jimmy started stepping towards Claire.     "Wait a minute," asked Jimmy and was answered with a nod from Claire.     After a while, Jimmy started moving his arms to take a laptop from behind sofa forward him. He just activate the laptop and looked for something in his laptop.     There was a tapping sound and a man was opening an application on his laptop. Keep still crolling through several web sites in the search list.  When he found the link, he started turning the laptop towards Claire.
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Nine, New Case
     "I'll come with you,"  argued Claire and looked at them with a pleading glow. She pulled her lips into a sweet smile to while look to them.      The three man started looking at each other with confuse.. then Kent started to sigh softly and looked at Claire frantically.      "Fine, but take care of yourself," suggested Kent and pushed down the doorknob that had been touching all of his hand.       He did resulted action in the door starting to open it. showing the sun that had immersed himself in the sky emitting a small light illuminating the streets, some of which were still covered by cold fog.     The road is lined with several fast speeding cars indicating that the driver of the car is in a hurry.     Long short story, they started getting into the car and drove to the destination of the crime sce
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