Chapter 19

Kate POV

            “I beg your pardon?” asking my father in shock.  We had talked about Drake, and he never indicated there was a discussion of an alliance.  In fact, I assumed his connection was a minor annoyance.  Never could I have anticipated this. 

            “Reid, John – would you mind giving us some privacy? Kate and I have some things to discuss,” Alpha Jackson requested of both men.  Standing and nodding both men looked at me before nodding to Alpha Jackson as they left the room.

            Standing I walked over to the window and looked out at the overcast skies.  We did not typically get a lot of rain, but when we did it stayed for a few days.  It made tracking a challenge as all the scents you would usuall

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Comments (6)
goodnovel comment avatar
I think, her father make her weak... I don't understand, why put so much effort to describe Kate as a genius child, doctor, worrior, Alpha, bl, bla, bla, and after that just turn her to nothing.
goodnovel comment avatar
Lizzie Wayland
The next chapter keeps on failing and won’t let me move on.
goodnovel comment avatar
Gabrielle Ruiz
getting a bit tired and confused with all the name changes then going back? it's making the story less appealing

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