Alpha Kate

Alpha Kate

By:  Ellie Scott  Completed
Language: English
40 ratings
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Alpha Kate has trained a lifetime to take over her pack when she turns 18. Her parents raised a strong female leader and she has confidence in her abilities. Then she is rejected by her mate for being too strong. Alpha Kate takes on various challenges and hopes to find her happiness through her chosen mate. Will she succeed the trials to get there or will she encounter more disappointment?

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Like you said Author, Drake needs his own story. He's genuine in every way. He deserves a happy ending as well. This book is a good read.
2024-02-08 00:19:29
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Deb Davis
I loved this story
2023-11-04 14:43:34
default avatar
Good read as is Alpha Siblings of this series but is there any chance you’ll add the third book of this series? Be great to be able to read all three..
2023-09-19 08:37:34
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Scan Code
This is a greqtbook
2023-09-15 08:30:52
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I enjoyed this book. I like the twist af a strong female Alpha
2023-07-27 14:59:53
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Deborah Dowling
Love this book. Poor Kate went through so much during the course of this book. She went from being rejected, having to postpone being made Alpha, to being challenged and attacked multiple times. I'm so happy that she finally got her mate, Colby, who seems to be amazing.
2023-03-30 16:12:30
default avatar
Annie Carroll
I absolutely LOVE THIS BOOK!!
2022-11-20 00:38:07
default avatar
Mama duck
Love the book. It is a great read with a lot of twists, turns and action. Only downside is there are a lot of errors and name mixups throughout the book not exactly a deal breaker but annoying none the less.
2022-11-03 09:30:34
default avatar
Also I’m happy about how strong the main female character, Alpha Kate is. She never backs down from any of the pressure to conform to any of the backwards old fashioned ideas for women and sticks to her principles! I can relate to her and the struggles so it’s an encouraging story. Well done author!
2022-08-20 09:26:33
default avatar
Love this book! Just be prepared for the twists & turns for our dear Kate (like a telenovela!)but they are worth it for how it finishes! It’s not really the end yet though since there are two more books available to continue for their journeys & I’m excited to start the next book! Must read!
2022-08-20 09:20:46
default avatar
Great book with a lot of twists and turns. It keeps you guessing and you can't put it down.
2022-07-21 02:49:49
default avatar
Excellent read! Makes you feel happy, tugs at your heart and then you feel your own tears start to fall. Everything you’d want in a book . . . and then comes the sequel ...
2022-06-13 00:26:09
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Racquel J Roberts
these are great books, just finished reading Alpha Kate and Beta to Luna...and is about to start on Alpha sibling! can't wait
2022-03-20 23:15:26
default avatar
Norma Beaulieu
First book I’ve read of an Alpha female. So far so good!
2022-03-19 08:30:25
default avatar
I love a story with a strong female lead!
2022-03-05 09:31:19
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92 Chapters
Chapter One - Chapter Seven
Chapter 1             Since the day she was born, Kate had been raised to be a strong Alpha within her father’s pack.  She was the first and only child born to her father, Alpha Jackson, and her mom, Luna Julia.  While there had been disappointment and heartache for her parents that they could not have more children, her parents believed strongly this was the desire of the Moon Goddess – that Kate was to become one of the few female Alphas to run a pack throughout the continent.             From an early age, Kate was taught to fight.  She was taught to lead.  She was taught to love her pack.  And above all else her parents taught her to believe in herself and her wolf.  It was rare, in the werewolf world, to have a daughter embraced as the future Alpha; however, Kate’s
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Chapter 8
Rafe             As I sat there scowling, looking straight ahead to the wall in front of me I inwardly squirmed as I could smell my mate before she opened the door and sat down beside me.  She still smelled as delicious as she had smelled last evening.  I could not help but be drawn to her – the Moon Goddess would see to it that mates would have a difficult time rejecting their mates.             Which made it so shocking to my Uncle Boyd that I had refused an Alpha female.  I had had no intention of telling him, but one of the guy’s was still going on about the look on her face when we crawled into the room early this morning.  The other guys started laughing at the reaction and then passed out on the bed.             My uncle
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Chapter 9
Kate POV             My father started to explain to me why he decided it was important to have Rafe and Boyd join our early morning meeting.  He felt it was something too important not to address together.  As we sat there and surprising everyone in the room, I agreed with my father advising him it was my intention to discuss this situation with him, so this was acceptable to me.             I decided to start as I hated the silence and the feeling of pity coming from the gentleman with Rafe.  My father knew better than to pity me – he still saw a strong young woman when he looked at me and he knew I had never liked to be pitied or coddled growing up.  I was raised to be a strong Alpha and a strong warrior.              “
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Chapter 10
Kate POV             Rolling over in bed I look at the ceiling.  It was already two weeks that I had spent in my room ignoring the outside world.  My mom, my dad and Lily had been trying daily to visit me.  Aside from accepting limited amounts of food, I just could not stomach conversation.             That day two weeks ago I had visited my father in the afternoon as we had agreed.  He and my mom had both been there. They both hugged me tightly whispering words of comfort as I had felt those tears coming back.  Wiping them away I quickly moved from them not wanting to shatter any more in front of them or anyone for that matter.              My mom took my hand as we moved to sit in the two chairs Rafe and I had
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Chapter 11
Kate             Training had become my main focus for the month after my two-week sabbatical from life.  I trained in the morning one on one with Reid, my Beta and John Langille, our head warrior, and head trainer.  Both of them ensuring I was in peak fighting condition.  I loved training with them – they never held back.  They weren’t afraid I would break and understood the only way I could protect myself was by fighting me with everything they had.              The balance in power and ability was tight.  Some fights I won, some I lost.  When I lost, we went over the same scenarios until I got them down and won.  Losing was not acceptable to me. I needed to be the strongest warrior so I could protect everyone within my pack.  I also had to know I could rely on my top people
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Chapter 12
Kate POV            “Katie let’s do an adult girls’ night,” Lily says.  Pausing to wonder what exactly that means Lily continues, “You know – adult refreshments at an adult party location? Maybe in town at the Club?”.             The “Club” is a hot spot for a lot of locals as well as people from neighboring towns.  Mostly people in their 20’s and 30’s frequent the club, but it’s been known to attract a diverse group of people.  They have great music, great dance floor, and cater their selection of alcohol to werewolves as well as to humans.             The humans do not know that we exist, but the Club is owned and operated by werewolves.  We can scent our own kind in any environment and it is no
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Chapter 13
Katy’s POV             As werewolves, we were also recognized at the door as VIP’s when we went to the Club.  Which was awesome as there was always a line up waiting to get in.  Listening to the groans as we went around the line, we smiled to the Bouncer, who we had knew from our Pack, and walked on in.             The place was crowded tonight.  There were a lot of people on the dance floor.  The music was thumping, perfect for dancing and the bar had a slight line up.  Looking at the crowd dancing, and the bar, we all agreed to head up to the bar first.  As we got there, it turned out not to be as crowded as we had thought and were able to get our drinks right away.  Looking around we found a table toward the back, where we could see everything but also catch up or head to the dance fl
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Chapter 14
Drake’s POV             After wrapping up my late meeting with Kate’s father, I happened to see Kate and her friends climbing into a car and heading into town.  I admit she intrigued me when I had bumped into her earlier coming out of her father’s office.  Her eyes were captivating, and she was downright beautiful.  I had heard she had been rejected by her mate, but I was impressed with how well she was handling things.  And, like many, shocked she had been rejected.             She came across as a confident young woman.  I had heard of Kate at various tables and had met her father a few months back at another joint meeting.  Being an Alpha was a privilege but being an Alpha without a Pack to lead, was challenging and often frustrating.  I had joined the Blue Moon Pack as a child
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Chapter 15
Kate POV             Getting in pretty late last night, I can’t help my curiosity surrounding the man named Drake.  He was good looking, confident and there were some questions around what his dealings were with my father.  I enjoyed a couple dreams about the mystery man, his hands on my body and us swaying to the music.            However, Saturday morning came to quickly.  Dragging my butt when I did finally crawl out of bed, I make my training session for 9 am.  I always spar and train with my Beta, Reid, and the Head Warrior / Head Trainer John.  However, with John on vacation it would just be Reid and myself this morning.            Although I had been out late the night before, it did not take long to get into the swing of fighting
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Chapter 16
Drake’s POV             I had made my way home on my motorbike and arrived home shortly after three in the morning.  Blue Moon Pack was roughly an hour or so from Golden Moon Pack.  Not too far but far enough to warrant doing business with them.  I lived in the Pack house along with a lot of the single, unmated members.  My room was on the third floor – as an Alpha I had a higher standing in the Pack; however, would never be assuming the role of the Alpha for the Blue Moon Pack.            My room was spacious, with its own bathroom, sitting area, workspace, and separate bedroom.  Grabbing a quick shower, my thoughts lingered on my meetings today and the end of my evening.  Drying off, I walk naked to my bed, turning off the light as I go.I was exhausted yet meeting Kate had piqued my curiosity.&n
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