Chapter 68


The sight before me when I arrived was nothing short of extraordinary.  I don’t think it was a matter of me arriving too late, from the looks of it. Standing in the middle of a large clearing, in the exact same place I found Brook, bloodied and broken, was Skye.

It looked as if I just missed a massacre. There had to be at least twelve wolves sprawled out around her. I didn’t have to check for signs of life to know they were all dead. Every single one of them had their throats ripped out or some other vital organ.

I couldn’t see any visible injuries on Skye, which made me remember the one time I have witnessed the destruction the Legendary Cresent Wolf was capable of. At this moment, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that she was his daughter. The way she stood her ground against the wolf she was facing, was the exact same he had stood when I met him when I was about four or five.

She was so calm and regal as if nothing in

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Bella Jersey
Sounds like it’s lunch time for Axel
goodnovel comment avatar
Great admission of love for Brook here as well as acknowledgement that she is likely more than his equal as an Alpha.
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Alisha Griffiths
I loved this chapter! I'm so glad they both let their wolves out and figured out that they were mates!

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