Chapter 72


His words echoed in my head, almost as loud as if I were standing in the center of a room surrounded by surround sound speakers. All my bravado to tell him just where to stick it, left me. Right now, I was at a loss for words.

How do I even respond to that? At this moment in time, I wasn’t sure if I even liked him right now. Everything had all been set in motion, I put up with his behavior since I would be leaving. Admittedly, I had craved more from him. Even to the point I was willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement with him so I could have the memories to take with me.

He got under my skin in more ways than I wanted to accept, but could I really trust him after everything? Hearing his words caused my heart to flutter and my stomach to do flops in my stomach, but was it from me or Skye? She was thrilled with having a mate. Until now we didn’t think it was in the cards for us to have a mate.

“Did you hear me?” Tate ask

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Patsy Mathews
Hell NO effing way would I live with that selfish prick in the same suite he had slept with his first mate!
goodnovel comment avatar
I'm on the fence here but don't think it bodes well he wants to try to start off living in the same suite he lived with his first mate in, the one he has repeatedly said he would never move on from. Way to make her live in the shadows of a ghost.
goodnovel comment avatar
I’m on the fence with those two. Impatiently waiting for more!!

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