Chapter 79


I was a nervous wreck. I was waiting for Brook to finish getting ready for our date and all I could do was pace back and forth in the living room. It wasn’t like she was taking a long time, I have only been waiting thirty minutes since she got out of the shower. It was just that I knew that this date was going to determine just how hard it was going to be to win her heart.

All day I have been going back and forth in my head just how much I needed to reveal to her. There were some things I didn’t think she needed to know, but how was I to know what I needed to tell her and what I didn’t? If I revealed too much, I could scare her off. If I didn’t reveal enough I was just going to keep her at a distance.

It didn’t help that I received some news from a contact of mine that said he came across a group of hunters that fit the description I gave him. Right now I had him trailing them to find out more information. He didn’t hav

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