Chapter 84


Listening to Brook’s plan for her project, I was stunned. She was absolutely amazing. To face everything, she has and wants to help others was a strength I haven’t seen in a long time, if ever. Here I was three years after losing my mate and I just let the world pass me by and kept everyone as far away as possible.

I could learn a lot from her. Instead of worrying about how wronged, she has been in her life, she was pushing through and using her pain to help others. Looking at her from across the table, she kept telling me about her plan. Her face lit up as she spoke, at that moment, she looked as if she was glowing.

I have always thought of her as beautiful, but this was more than just beauty. I not only saw the way she was excited, I felt it as well. If the council didn’t approve it, I will overthrow them and have it approved. There were a few flaws in her plan, but nothing major.

If there were even remotely a chance, we found o

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Alisha Griffiths
Definitely a Brooke thing!
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Morgan Stinson
A Brooke thing… she is special more than you know Tate and you better not screw this up….. ...

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