Chapter 121


I wasn’t sure how Axel and I managed to get out of the state we were in, but when I had woken up and found Brook laying over me, the how didn’t matter. I was back and that was the only thing I cared about at the time. When I told her I was willing to give up my title for her, I had thought she would have agreed to it.

It would have probably been a good idea to give it up either way, so I could focus on her, but I also loved being Alpha. I felt as if there was still so much more I could do as Alpha. Taking the hand, she held out to me after she asked her question, I accepted it without a word.

Together, hand in hand, we made our way to the auditorium. The halls were empty, so I suspected everyone else was at the meeting, which I was kind of glad about. The idea of surprising everyone was sounding better and better with each step we took.

This wasn’t the kind of reunion I had wanted when I woke up, then again nothing in my life has ever gone acco

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I agree. Eric is a great character. Would love to see him get his own book.
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YES! Way to go Brook’s papa! Also so good that these bunch of annoying elders be put to pasture!
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Louise Von Dohren Lane
Stick it to her Jason

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