The moment I opened my eyes, she was gone. Yoo-Mi’s gone.

What will I expect anyway? Her promises? Did she even promise me anything? She told me to help me with my condition, that we’re going back to Seoul together and talk to Josh, then what?


Yes, I do. I expected her to still be here, tucked against my side like she used to be. Back before I ruined everything. Before I left her, left her safe from whatever was going on inside my head.

After the way she reacted last night, I would say I did a really shitty of leaving her.

I rubbed my hands over my face, rolled over onto my side, ran my hands over the cool, white sheets. I thought they would still be warm. Guess she’s been gone a while. The pillow still smelled like her. Something fruity. She has changed perfumes. Just like she has changed her hair color which is black.

I didn’t expect to see her here in Los Angeles. Not on this side of town. Not t
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